30 Easy, Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For 2018 | 22 Words

It's that time of the year! With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is starting to plan out this year's ingenious costume. Whether you've got parties to attend or trick-or-treating to look forward to, Halloween is always a festive time!

However, sometimes the perfect Halloween costume is hard to come by. If you're struggling to think of an idea for this year's festivities, don't worry! We've got you covered. And the costumes on this list will work even if you're on a budget. So scroll down and take a look at the 30 easy to pull off (and totally fun) Halloween costume ideas we've put together for you.

Whatever your taste, something on this list is sure to bring inspiration. Time to get creative, and have a happy Halloween!

Let’s start off with some Disney DIYs:

via: Color Me Courtney

With this easy costume, you’ll never be late for an important date!

Any Tinkerbell fans?

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A cute green dress and fairy wings are all you’ll need for this simple Halloween costume.

When life hands you lemons, get creative with your costume!

Grab some lemons and a name tag, and your perfect costume is all set.

We can do it!

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For a Rosie the Riveter costume, all you need is a denim shirt, denim pants, and a polka-dotted bandana! Simple!

Idioms can make good costumes.

via: Club Crafted

It doesn’t even matter what else you wear. All you need to do is fold some yellow construction paper, and suddenly you’ve got a "chip on your shoulder!"

It’s easier than you think to transform into Audrey Hepburn.

via: The Joy of Fashion

All you need is a little black dress, black gloves, sunglasses, and a few pearl strings. And, ta-da! 

Take a page from Will Smith’s book!

If you’ve got a snappy suit and a pair of sunglasses on hand, then you’re ready to track down some aliens on Halloween as one of the Men in Black.

Bad to the bone.

A robber costume is pretty easy to throw together. Put together a striped shirt with black pants, gloves, and a ski mask. Paint up a tote bag and throw some Monopoly cash in there for an extra effect!

Take on the Wild West.

With a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, your DIY cowboy costume will be complete! Bonus points for a fake mustache and old-fashioned bolo tie.

Become one with "The Sims."

If you can attach a diamond-shaped cutout to a headband, then you can easily become a Sim for Halloween! 

Heck, grab an avocado and you’re Antoni Porowski!

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Admittedly, if you really want to go as the Queer Eye star for Halloween, you’ll also have to make sure your hair-game is on point. And make sure you bring the guacamole!

How about this DIY Minnie Mouse?

via: I Am Style-Ish

Get yourself some Minnie ears, a black shirt and tights, yellow shoes and a puffy red skirt. Attach a few polka dots to the skirt, and your costume is golden!

"You're a wizard, Harry!"

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It's easy to become Harry Potter—or any Hogwarts student, for Halloween! All you need is the scarf, a vest, a white collared shirt, and a pair of black trousers (or skirt). If you can get your hands on a robe, all the better! There are even DIY wands you can make at home.

You can be the Queen Bee.

via: Studio DIY

Just get a yellow and black striped shirt, a crown, and craft some bee antennas with a headband!

Here’s a cute couple costume:

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It’s Mary and Bert from Mary Poppins! Throw together the clothing and props (an umbrella and chimney sweeper), and you’ll be super-cali-fragi-listic-expial-idocious!

If you’re good with makeup, try this cool costume:

Dress up as a comic book character, or pop art figure in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

On Wednesdays we wear black.

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A Wednesday Addams costume is an easy look to achieve. With a black dress, white collar, and braids, you’ve got it down!

Be a human play on words.

Write ‘go ceilings’ on a t-shirt, grab some pom-poms or a giant foam finger, and get ready to be a ceiling fan!

Try out this classic:

Just make sure you’ve stocked up on toilet paper before you transform yourself into a mummy!

Look out for the birds!

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For Hitchcock fans, try this DIY Tippi Hedren costume from the old iconic horror film, The Birds!

You can use an umbrella to turn into a bat!

via: Evil Mad Scientist

All you need to make the costume is a black hoodie and umbrella. Cut up the umbrella to make wings and ears, and you’re ready for some trick-or-treating.

Can you solve the puzzle?

Check out this awesome homemade Rubik’s Cube costume!

Who are you gonna call?

via: Instructables

One handy user on Instructables posted a DIY Ghostbusters costume, and the results looked straight out of the movie!

Need a costume fast? Try this:

Just write it out a funny phrase on a shirt and you’re good to go. At least you won’t have to explain where your costume is!

Oh, no! DARLA!

We have to admit, this throwback costume to Pixar’s Finding Nemo is pretty hilarious.

All they need is Furiosa!

Check out this amazing Mad Max: Fury Road group costume!

Calling all Hannibal Lecter fans.

from funny
This costume is a great representation of the iconic Silence of the Lambs character. It's complete with an easy way to navigate walking, climbing stairs, and so forth!

Here’s another autumn classic:

With a straw hat, flannels, and some makeup, you can whip up a perfect scarecrow costume!

Make a costume that’s pun-tastic!

And save room for some "pumpkin pi!"

Get your nostalgia on.

If you’re a fan of those old jazzercise videos, then track down some crazy ‘80s gear and have a ball! Share these costume ideas with your friends and plan out the perfect Halloween!