Eating Cheese Might Be Key to Helping you Live Longer, Massive Study Confirms

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Have all of our wishes come true just in time for Christmas, the holiday of gluttony!? Cheese might well be the key to a longer life, study finds….Mmmmmm yum.

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Red Leicester, Brie, Parmesan, Stilton, Wensleydale, Feta, Gouda, Camembert…is your mouth watering yet? Is there anything better than overloading your pasta withParmesan to the point the waiter really can’t believe that you haven’t said he can stop grating it yet? The answer is no. ‘No’ don’t stop and ‘No’ there’s nothing better…well, until now because if science is anything to go by then being greedy with cheese might just prolong your life allowing you to eat more cheese….HURRAH!

The Study

Researchers from McMaster University in Canada looked at a whopping 130,000 people from 21 different countries, all of whom were between 35 and 70 years old. What did they look for in these people? Well, their dietary habits were noted, and then separated into two camps –  reduced-fat dairy and full-fat dairy.

It’s delicious news!

Eating more than two servings a day of that processed cow milk was conducive to seeing some major decreases in not only your risk of a stroke, but for risk of cardiovascular disease as well.

It’s not only cheese…

The research also found that  while cheese did have an impact on those results, you can also see some pretty good benefits by consuming yoghurt or milk.

My oh my…

For test subjects who ate less than 0.5 servings of dairy a day, their mortality rate rose to 44.4 percent overall, with five percent of that being down to cardiovascular disease alone.

Smile and say Cheese!

We don’t readily associate eating a lot of cheese with lowering our chance of death, but Ian Givens, a professor of food chain nutrition at Reading University in the UK, says that this study is vital to changing the public perception of dairy, hopefully helping to change the way dietary guidelines look at dairy intake.

*Heavy Breathing*

“It also adds weight to the evidence that saturated fats from dairy [probably apart from butter] are not associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk, unlike some other sources,” explained Givens.

Are we even listening to the study anymore?

Mahshid Dehghan, who is an investigator at the Nutrition Epidemiology program at the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University as well as the lead author on this study, and she argued that we shouldn’t rule out dairy products just because they happen they happen to produce a lot of fatty acids.

Lovely Science

So, apparently: “Dairy products contain a range of potentially beneficial compounds including specific amino acids, medium-chain and odd-chain saturated fats, milk fat globule phospholipids, unsaturated and branched-chain fats, natural trans fats, vitamin K1/K2, and calcium, and can further be fermented or contain probiotics, many of which may also affect health outcomes.”

The news is catching on…

Of course, the study needs more research to figure out exactly why dairy leads to so many health benefits, but for now, we can have as much cheeses as we like…

Forget how it’s made

And bathe in the good news that not only can you indulge in a fantastic tasting food, you might reap health benefits from it too!

Nacho cheese

What cheese isn’t yours? Nacho cheese! But it is your cheese, or at least, should be your cheese.

The doctor’s advice

The study was carried out by real scientists we can trust…I’m sure we’ve all taken the advice of people who don’t know what they’re doing just to have an excuse to live the life we want to…but now we don’t have to. This study is legit.

No need to remain “hangry”

Now there’s no excuse to have mood swings when you’re hungry or trying to diet, cheese can be included in you day to day regime.

Dig in

Nothing says glorious sandwich like 5 cheeses…in fact, I reckon you can do better than that now with the news…why not see how many cheeses you can get up to?

Jump on the scales

Even though there are health benefits of eating cheese (confirmed) it stills has calories in it…but at least now we know any weight gained is “healthy weight”.


There’s nothing stopping you from doing a bit of exercise  and prolonging your life even more with the high-cheese diet you’re sure to try!

Our friend science

We never got on at school but it’s nice to know that my old acquaintance has my back.

Cheese frenzy

So get stuck in, go mad, go crazy, move to Italy..quick before another study is conducted proving this all wrong (which it will).

Get into shape

Cheese also contains a lot of protein and calcium, perfect for muscle building and getting into shape.

If only…

It’s a shame the moon isn’t made of cheese…or maybe it is…some people don’t even believe anyone’s landed on it. But with this new study, I think we’ll all be moving there.

Don’t forget…

There’s still a debate as to eggs being good for you or not. They’ve never really bothered to figure it out definitively…they were too busy proving cheese is GREAT

We still don’t know…

Is red wine good for us, or bad for us? We’re still waiting on the final answer on that too…if it’s good news, our doctor prescribed day to day diet is going to be incredible.

Once upon a time…

Even smoking was seen as good for us once upon a time…so maybe we can’t get too ahead of ourselves.

Is it? Or isn’t it?

And what about red meat? We know it’s not good for everyone (especially the animals it’s come from), but there’s still debate over whether or not it’s good for our health.


Some say it’s bad for the heart, others say it fights cancer…what a headache (and some say it cures headaches, some say it causes them). It’s all too much!

It’s a mysterious universe

How much information can we actually trust scientists with? They can’t even tell us if an egg is good our health, how can we expect them to tell us where the universe has come from.

It really can be confusing…

So many different theories flying around, life’s too short to try to find the most valid. Just go with your gut..literally, go with your gut.

Finally we won’t be judged for saying…

Before we go out, it’s the thing we should always be thinking about before leaving. Not “is it cold out?” or “Will there be anyone I like there?”…no no, “I hope there’s cheese?”