Eddie Izzard Announces She Will Now Be Using She/Her Pronouns

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Eddie Izzard has recently made an important announcement, stating that she will now be using the pronouns she/her…

The news comes after Izzard appeared on a show called Portrait Artist Of The Year.

That’s where she made the special announcement about the way she chooses to identify.

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Long gone are the days where there were simply 2 genders – Now, people can identify with up to one-hundred different genders or no gender at all.

Or “non-binary,” in other terms.

People use the term “non-binary” to describe genders that don’t fall into 1 of the 2 more traditional categories or “binaries” of male or female.

Others can fluctuate, or have no gender, either permanently or some of the time.

But respecting people’s pronouns is a big deal.

Often, people see their pronouns as a massive part of their identity, so in turn, we should all respect the terms that they wish to be identified by…

As the concept of gender gets more fluid, we’re seeing a drastic shift in the way people want to identify, and in 2020, we have never been more open about the change.

We recently saw Elliot Page take a big leap and announce that he would be identifying as trans and would like us all to address them via the pronouns he/they.

And other celebrities are now being more open about their pronouns too.

You might know Izzard as a stand-up comedian but she is also a political activist who likes to stand out from the crowd.

And recently, she has decided to be more open with us about her pronouns, now going by she/her, so she can be in “girl mode.” Keep scrolling to see exactly what she said.

But she has always been a firm believer in expressing one’s self through fashion choices.

During an episode of Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist Of The Year, she opened up publicly about her identity…

“I try to do things that I think are interesting, and this is the first program I’ve asked if I can be she and her. A little transition period,” she told Curtis Holder, the artist who was painting her.

“Well, it feels great because people just assume that they just know me from before but I’m gender fluid. I just want to be based in girl mode from now on.”

But we’ll never forgive you if you don’t drop the shade name of your iconic lipstick. We need a little bit of pink in our lives too! Keep scrolling to learn more about Elliot Page, who has recently come out to the world…