Eddie Murphy Accidentally Swears During Best 'SNL' Sketch in Years | 22 Words

It's been thirty-five years since we last saw Eddie Murphy back where he belongs: On the SNL stage blessing us with comedic genius.

The latest appearance on the show has been branded as a "triumphant return" to Saturday Night Live. Armed with a bunch of hilarious jokes, the legend left everyone, including the hosts in tears. But there was one particular skit that got the best reviews and it may have been due to an accidental blunder... Yikes!

Keep scrolling to see which one it was...

The final episode of 2019's "SNL" saw the return of a legend...

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After a solid thirty-five years, the king of comedy, Eddie Murphy made his long-awaited appearance back on the skit-show.

For those of you that don't know, this is Eddie Murphy.

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He’s a man of many talents; a prolific actor, comedian, writer, singer, and producer, who rose to stardom specifically on Saturday Night Live.

You may also know him from one of his acting roles...

Murphy was the voice of Donkey in Shrek, a multi-million dollar movie franchise. This introduced him to a whole new generation of fans thanks to his oh-so-recognizable voice.

But perhaps his most famous role was in Beverly Hills Cop.

The 1984 classic is has not aged a day, as one would hope. Some say it can be credited with bringing Murphy’s name into the mainstream. Honestly, if you haven't watched it, do it.

Along with his career, Murphy's personal life has also gained him some stardom...

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He is the father of ten children born of 5 different women altogether. Yikes! And he used this fact to jibe at Cosby on SNL...

On the show, he starred alongside some big names including Lizzo.

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You would think, being the bad b*tch that she is, Lizzo would have stolen the show with her epic performance, but no, the legend that is Eddie Murphy re-claimed the hearts of comedy lovers everywhere including the other SNL hosts.

The show opened with a political skit on the Democratic debate...

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It was compared to the reality TV show, The Bachelor, stating that "the further we go, the less diverse it gets." Don't hate the statement folks, they're just the facts.

It featured some prominent politicians at the moment including Biden and Trump.

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In classic SNL style, we saw the actors put a hilariously petty twist on a serious situation that is currently taking over every news outlet in the country, let alone the world.

"Impeach me outside, losers!"

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The skit saw the return of our favorite Trump, Alec Baldwin, as well as Larry David as Bernie Sanders. A ravishing combination. We also had appearances from Maya Rudolph as Kamela Harris and Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden.

That's right, almost everyone was there.

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And it made for a hilarious skit.

But as the host, Eddie Murphy had to keep up with everyone else.

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I mean, it has been thirty-five years so we'll cut him some slack, but it seems as if Murphy hadn't lost a beat.

His opening monologue stared off with chanting.

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The audience just couldn't come to terms with seeing their favorite comedian back where he belongs: On the SNL stage. Murphy thanked them for their kindness and support before he had even said anything else.

He then got into it...

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Murphy hit it off early. He said: "This is the last episode of 2019, but if you're black, this is the first episode since I left back in 1984." Cue the wild applause.

His jokes were obviously funny, but one joke gained a lot of attention.

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And yes, it was his jibe at none other than shamed ex-Hollywood legend, Bill Cosby.

We all heard about the scandal surrounding Cosby...

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It was painful to watch and hear about. Last year, the man was found guilty for aggravated indecent assault and is in the midst of serving a three-to-ten-year sentence.

Murphy, being the funny man that he is, said this...

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While discussing his new baby girl, he made sure to throw in a hit at Cosby saying: "If you had told me thirty years ago that I would be this boring stay-at-home house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would have took that bet!"

Then he starts imitating Cosby saying: "Who's America's Dad now?!"

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And yet again, the audience went wild. However, this wasn't the only wild moment of the show...

What really stole the limelight was this moment...

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During a skit titled "Holiday Baking Championship", Murphy took on the role of a baker hoping to impress a bunch of judges with his cake creation.

And it was all going so well until...

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When he showed the judges his "demon cake" and it started talking, Murphy tried to put it back in line by shouting: "We can still win this s***!"

Immediately he realizes what he's done and covers his mouth...

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Even though the host of the "Holiday Baking Championship" tried to cover it up, the audience already heard the little expletive and gasped, but continued applauding because they found it hilarious. That's the real Murphy! Have a look for yourselves via the video at the bottom.

In general, the response to Murphy's hosting was amazing.

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People were commending him on his comedic nature and his interactions with the other hosts on the show proved to go down a treat.

Here's the full video of the skit:

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