Eddie Murphy Shoots Scenes for Coming to America 2

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In case you’ve been in a deep sleep for the past year, allow me to inform you. Coming to America 2 is COMING! And Eddie Murphy is deep into filming it.

We’re all getting extremely excited over here, and now some new shots have just dropped.

You may know Eddie Murphy better as a hilarious actor, stand up comic and voice of Shrek’s iconic Donkey. What you may not know is his acting career is perhaps even surpassed in his proficiency at baby making. Murphy has a whopping ten kids!

Allow us to take you on a tour of Eddie Murphy’s life concluding with the brand new Coming to America shots!

He’s a prolific actor, comedian, writer, singer and producer, who came up through Saturday Night Live.

Murphy was the voice of Donkey in Shrek, a multi-million dollar movie franchise. This introduced him to a whole new generation of fans thanks to his oh-so-recognisable voice.

Of course, for many his most famous role is still Beverly Hills Cop.

The 1984 classic is still popular to this day, and can be credited with bringing Murphy’s name into the mainstream.

Alongside his acting chops, Murphy has an equal prowess in the bedroom. He has ten children, aged between 29 year and 2 months.

Murphy’s kids have five different mothers. Five of the brood were born to Nicole Mitchell, pictured here on the far right.

Here he is with a few of the gang, pictured at the Shrek Forever After premiere in 2010.

His eldest, Eric is pictured to the far right – he’s now 29. Third from the left is the now 28-year-old Christian. Their mothers are Paulette McNeely and Tamara Hood respectively.

Murphy and Mitchell went on to have five more kids together during their thirteen-year marriage.

Her name is Bria. She’s 29 years old and works as an artist, and is pictured here with her father in 2016. Bria is also the one who posted the elusive family photo on her Instagram.

Miles is currently 26 years of age. In this image, taken in 2002, he’s just ten.

She’s pictured on the right of this photo, taken at one of Bria’s art shows called Subconscious at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 2016. Bria is on the left, but you already knew that, right?

Zola is pictured here at the Ladylike Foundation’s 9th Women of Excellence Awards Gala in 2017, looking like a real-life fairy princess.

She’s pictured here on the far right in 2016 at Bria’s same art show. So to recap, we have left to right: Zola, Bria, Eddie, Shayne and Bella Murphy. Are you keeping up?

From left to right, we have Bria, Miles, Zola, Eddie, Bella, Shayne and Nicole – phew!

Following the Murphy-Mitchell divorce, Eddie had a dalliance with one rather scary lady.

That’s right – Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown (better known as Scary Spice) had a dalliance between 2006 and 2007.

He was unsure as to the veracity of his paternity of Brown’s daughter Angel Iris. But in 2007 it was verified that Murphy was Angel’s father.

Here, the pair are arriving at an America’s Got Talent live showing in 2016. Brown serves as a judge on the show.

Here, the two are pictured at the premiere of Mr Church, in 2016. We can’t deny it, this is the definition of a hot couple.

At that same premier, here are a selection of the Murphy brood. From left to right we have Christian, Zola, Bria, Shayne, Bella, Paige, Eddie, Miles and Eric. Feeling confused yet?

There’s two-year-old Izzy, and newest addition, son Max who was born on November 30th of 2018. That brings our grand total to ten!

She was born at the beginning of May in 2016, and weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces. People speculated this may be the last addition to the Murphy clan until Butcher became pregnant with Max, her second child.

The image was posted by Bria on her Instagram. She captioned it “Merry Christmas,” and the photo is Max’s debut on social media.

I’m sure you can imagine, having that many kids doesn’t leave you with much time on your hands!

Ten kids by five different mothers is one helluva lotta business, so we’re even more delighted that Murphy has enough time on his hands to start smashing Coming to America 2.

Clad in a full Prince Akeem garb, Eddie is proudly sporting a New York Mets bomber jacket, with proclamations of his love of the Big Apple. He’s also got a large handful of cash in his hands. I guess we’ll only find out what this all means later on.

In another picture you can also see Arsenio Hall, who plays Semmi, and Paul Bates, who plays Oha, on the set too.

As if this news isn’t good enough, the Coming to America 2 crew also met up with the Bad Boys 3 guys – because they just happened to be filming right next to each other. Check out the shenanigans!

The original Coming to America dropped in 1988 and the sequel is set to drop in cinemas across the globe in December 2020. After 32 years we’re praying it’s going to be worth it!