An elderly woman sat alone in self-isolation started writing letters to her next-door neighbor's dog, who then responded in the most amazing way...

Never before have we been so grateful for our dogs.

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We are living in dark and uncertain times, and the unconditional love of our pooches is certainly helping us see them through.

As a result of the ongoing medical pandemic, the majority of the world is currently in lockdown.

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None of us can leave our houses... And neither can our dogs.

But it turns out that our pets are making the best quarantine partners.

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Okay, we've always loved and appreciated our dogs but now, this love and appreciation has reached whole new levels.

Dogs have always made for some pretty great company.

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And this lockdown is enabling us to spend every single day with them - You've got to love those silver linings.

During this pandemic, our dogs have proven to be excellent forms of quarantined entertainment...

And many of us are idly spending our days playing with them, cuddling them and, in some cases, making toy versions of them.

It turns out you can do a lot with a dog...

They can learn pretty much any skill if enough time is put into it.

They make for a great excuse to get out of the house, too.

Most dog-owners have been avidly walking their pooches as a part of their daily hourly exercise allowance... Though not every dog is too pleased with this.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a canine of their own.

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Many people are riding out the lockdown alone, without a four-legged companion to keep them company.

The loneliness can be crippling.

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It's no secret that this isolation induced by the lockdown is wreaking havoc on a lot of people's mental health, and many are finding solace in their neighbors.

So, when a young woman spotted her elderly neighbor waving at her dog through the window...

She decided to do something special for her.

Arts producer, Hannah Prizeman, is currently self-isolating with her dog, Otto.

Hannah, who lives in Kent, England, noticed one day that her elderly next-door neighbor, Pauline, would watch and wave to Otto from her window.

Pauline doesn't have a dog of her own, and loved watching Otto from her window...

So she decided to write the pooch a letter.

Hannah found the letter at her doorstep...

In a plastic bag containing a chew toy for Otto.

Pauline used the letter as an opportunity to have a conversation with her four-legged neighbor...

And spilled out her thoughts and stories about her old cows. She wrote: "Hi, Otto. You really know how to cheer a girl up, don't you? Love your cows, very nice ladies. I used to know lots of cows, my father's brother had a dairy farm, I used to love to visit when I was young."

Hannah decided to send a letter back on Otto's behalf...

And the pair continued to bond over their shared love of cows.

Then, after a couple more letter exchanges, Hannah decided to take their friendship to the next level...

She dressed up Otto in his best sweater (all thoroughly washed to avoid the spread of germs, of course), and sent him round to Pauline's for the afternoon with a gift of assorted DVDs for her to enjoy.

Pauline was able to spend the full afternoon enjoying Otto's company.

And the next day, she sent another letter, which read: "Hi Otto, so nice to spend some time with you yesterday. At least I got my bum out of my chair. Thank you so much for the gift, I love it and the wrapping paper with your face on, how cool is that."

Hannah's boyfriend, who is self-isolating in the same house, even suggested building some form of bridge over the garden fence, so Otto can visit Pauline whenever he pleases.

Pauline wrote: "I know you were torn between where to be yesterday. Your dad said he would make you a bridge over the fence. Knowing how clever he is, I bet he could, and then you could come and go as you please. You are very welcome to come any time you like." Can someone go and build this damn bridge?!

You can watch a video of Pauline's and Otto's wholesome interaction within this Instagram post.

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