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Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel has completely taken over the internet and viewers have been left totally freaked out, to say the least!

But many viewers have been left convinced that the late Elisa Lam was playing the chilling "Elevator Game" before she died and now we can't unsee it. Scroll on to learn more about this spooky theory...

Netflix is pretty much in its own league when it comes to streaming shows...


No matter how many hours you spend binge-watching, miraculously there's always something to watch once you've finished.

And perhaps the best thing that Netflix provides?


True-crime series, of course!

The streaming giant has it all when it comes to retelling grisly crime stories...

Ranging from Don't F*** With Cats to The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez to Night Stalker... there's so much choice for all of those true-crime lovers out there!

But there's a new crime series in town...


And it's been driving people crazy.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel dropped on Netflix last week...


And it explores the mysterious story of how Canadian college student Elisa Lam vanishes while staying at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Elisa was a young woman full of ambition and dreams...

And she decided to take a few months to travel along the West Coast before going to college.

As most already know, the Cecil Hotel was the place of a number of murders and suicides between the 1930s-1960s.


Not only that but serial killer Richard Ramirez, who was featured on the Netflix documentary Night Stalker, stayed at the hotel for several weeks allegedly making it his home while he carried out some of his many murders.


However, The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel focuses solely on one of its most haunting unsolved mysteries...

Each of the 4 fifty-minute episodes delves deeper into the events that lead up to Elisa Lam's disappearance and tragic death.

The footage of her behaving erratically in one of the hotel's elevators in the lead up to her death has been watched by millions...


And it seriously freaked people out.

We won't be giving away any spoilers in this article, not to worry!

But so many viewers have been debating vigorously over how Elisa actually died.

And there's one internet theory that's well and truly taken over this week.


Viewers have been discussing Elisa's odd behavior in the elevator and they seem to have a pretty solid theory as to what the student was doing.

Many are convinced that Elisa was playing "the elevator game" in the spooky footage...

But what exactly is the elevator game?

Well, it's a pretty creepy ritual that sees the player visit a number of different floors in an elevator, in a bid to get to a "new dimension."


The person playing must first enter the elevator alone, before pressing the button for the fourth floor.

​They must then descend to the second floor, up to the sixth, down to the second again, up to the tenth, and finally down to the fifth.


They must not get out on any floor.

After reaching the fifth level, the legend says a mysterious woman will enter the lift, but the person playing must not look or interact with her.

Players must then push the button to the first floor...


2 things are supposedly said to happen here. If the lift goes down, the player must leave the building and not look back. If it goes to the tenth floor, once the player leaves the elevator, it's believed they'll be entering a new dimension.

Pretty creepy, right?

After watching the footage of Elisa in the elevator over and over again...

Viewers are convinced this is what's going on due to the buttons she was erratically pressing.

It's seriously spooking people...

And we'll be honest... we're feeling a little creeped out too!

You can check out the trailer for Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel here:

Because if you haven't already watched it... you seriously need to do so now!

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