Elizabeth Banks Shocks TV Viewers with Savage Prince Andrew Joke | 22 Words

Elizabeth Banks has been busy promoting the highly anticipated Charlie's Angels reboot. But it seems her hectic schedule hasn't prevented the Hunger Games actress keeping up to date with world news.

I guess it's not hard to keep up with the Prince Andrew scandal that threatens to undermine the British monarchy.

I mean, people are talking about Andrew, his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and that atrocious TV interview everywhere.

Banks took a shot at the prince whilst appearing on The Graham Norton Show, and what a shot it was.

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Best of friends?

Prince Andrew first came under fire when people began questioning his friendship with the late-convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

If it's written in a public bathroom...

The British public has spoken- or at least, speculation has grown about the prince and his involvement in the Epstein case.

That picture.

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One of Epstein's victims, Virginia Roberts made the claim that when she was seventeen, and one of Epstein's sex slaves she was pimped out to the prince. To add further evidence to her claim, Roberts produced a picture of herself and Prince Andrew.

That interview.

Prince Andrew decided the best way to settle matters would be to do a television interview. Last week the BBC aired the car crash interview that only seemed to muddy the Prince's name more.

Prince Andrew didn't seem to fool anyone.

His Newsnight interview had many holes in it.

The internet blew up following the interview.

Andrew claimed he couldn't "recall" meeting Roberts and yet goes on to recall taking a trip to a Pizza Express on a specific date some twenty years ago.

The Prince also claimed he could not sweat.

In an attempt to counteract Roberts' statement that the prince had been sweaty when they visited a nightclub, he argued a medical condition meant he could not sweat. This, of course, lead the good people of the internet to search for sweaty pictures of the Prince.

Everyone was wondering what the Queen was going to do.

I doubt the Prince Andrew scandal will make it onto her Christmas day speech...

The Queen had to do something.

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The severity of the Prince Andrew scandal has warranted the Queen to take action. For the sake of the monarchy, the Queen had to, for lack of a better phrase, throw her son under the bus.

The Prince's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson is standing by him.

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Fergie has defended her ex-husband since the scandal came to light. According to reports, Fergie and Princess Beatrice encouraged Andrew to do the interview.

Prince Andrew has been retired from his royal duties.

The Queen has made the decision to retire Andrew from his royal duties, which strips him of his responsibilities and salary.

The Queen also canceled his birthday party.

The Palace was intending to host Prince Andrew's 60th birthday party in February with a lavish bash, this has been canceled.

The Prince Andrew gags don't seem to be slowing down.

After claiming he isn't one to party, any image found of Prince Andrew partying is an instant meme. And as Banks proved, the Prince is prime picking for a chat show gag.

"Am I not allowed to say that?"

via: BBC

Elizabeth Banks sure proved to be the master of wit whilst appearing on the British talk show, The Graham Norton Show.

Banks had audiences in stitches.

Petition for Banks to write a comedy about the British Royal Family.

It was a brave move.

Even though basically everyone thinks Prince Andrew is guilty, making comments about the royal is still a bit of a risky move... especially on British T.V.

It all started when Graham Norton showed this picture.

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In reaction to the image of her younger self, and in reference to the hand touching her right shoulder, Banks made the joke: "That's Prince Andrew's hand."

The joke went down a storm.

After an eruption of laughter from the audience, host Graham Norton attempted to get everyone to settle down and awkwardly said, "moving on..."

And the Gold Medal goes to Elizabeth Banks...

Current, cutting and well-executed. Nicely done Ms. Banks.

Let's hope the Charlie's Angels reboot is as successful...

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I know there have been some shoddy reviews of this movie but I'm hoping that the badass, Kristen Stewart featuring female spy-movie is everything I want it to be and more.

Watch Elizabeth Banks' brilliant Prince Andrew jibe.

We salute you, Ms. Banks. Continue scrolling to learn all about Jeffrey Epstein's death conspiracy...It seems as though it might not have been a suicide after all.