Ellen Degeneres Mourns the Death of Her Dog | 22 Words

Ellen DeGeneres hasn't had the best of years, what with all the sinister rumors and stories from people who have met her finally coming to light.

And now, the passing of her family dog has left her in mourning.


For years now, rumors about Ellen DeGeneres' true personality have been rife.

Though she has built her on-screen persona around being outspoken against injustice and generous to the needy, many people have claimed that, in real life, she is quite the opposite.

Those who have met the star have claimed that she is nothing more than another power-hungry, self-centered celebrity.

Which is certainly a far cry from the relatable and humble TV host we all know and love... Or we thought we knew and loved.

In recent years, Ellen's image has been questioned more and more.

Cracks have certainly begun to show, and rumors of the somewhat nastier personality behind the famous smiling blonde-haired, blue-eyed face have been intensifying.

Evidently, people who know the host have been growing tired of her flawless persona...

And, for many years now, a number of different former employees have been attempting to expose Ellen for who she truly is.

Ellen clearly doesn't care too much for writer's strikes.

This Twitter user came forward with the story about Ellen's head writer, Karen Kilgariff. Karen was under Ellen's employment for 5 years until she took part in a writer's strike. Boom. Fired. And a word was never exchanged between the pair again.

More scandal regarding her treatment of staff...

This woman claims that her friend used to work as a writer on the show and, in the whole 2 years of her employment, Ellen didn't greet her once. In fact, none of the staff were allowed to speak to the star of the show. Apparently.

Staff weren't even allowed in the same room as her.

Wow, we really aren't worthy, are we?

Her veganism has also ruffled a few feathers in the past.

For a colleague's birthday, Twitter user Alison Freer was celebrating with a BBQ outside of the Warner Bros studios where The Ellen Show is filmed. However, Ellen was quick to shut down all the festivities by sending someone over to put a stop to the celebration, all because she doesn't eat meat. Not cool, Ellen.

Ellen doesn't want any of her celebrity buddies to mingle with the common folk.

Ellen has notoriously sucked up to the rich and famous for years, and apparently she wants to keep them all for herself. When Russell Brand wandered into the employee break area to chat with the crew, Ellen apparently got quite irritated and told him that he "doesn't have to interact with these people."

Staff members are reportedly encouraged to cheer her up when she's in a bad mood.

I'm sorry, but there isn't enough money in the world that would ever encourage me to do that. Thank you, next.

More recently she came under fire for her handling of the ongoing protests and riots regarding the death of George Floyd.

Another notch in her crumbling reputation...

Another notch in her crumbling reputation...

Dropping to a season-low rating of around 1.5 compared to the previous seasons' average of 4.5 million viewers.

To be honest, we didn't think it could get any worse for her...

But it has.

As shes said goodbye to her dog, Wolf.

Wolf, a poodle-Maltese mix, had been part of the family for over a decade.

Ellen recused Wolf off the streets.

In an interview with PEOPLE in 2009, she said, "He was being mistreated. Wolf was in pretty bad shape. He was tiny … he was [malnourished], he couldn’t stand up. His back legs couldn’t support him because he had never been put down."

Since then he's made a debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Where Ellen introduced the young pup at the time to the audience as the "cutest".

But, as is life, he did grow old.

In a Facebook post from 2017, DeGeneres’ lifestyle brand shared Wolf sat in a stroller while making a trip and the post read "Ellen DeGeneres's dog Wolf is getting old. He doesn't walk so well."

Ellen shared the news of Wolf's passing on Twitter.

She wrote, "Last night we had to say goodbye to our dog Wolf. He brought us so much love and joy. I hope we did the same for him".

Alongside it was a picture from her wedding day in 2008 of herself, wife Portia de Rossi and Wolf. 

The couple also share dogs Kid, Augie, and Mrs. Wallis Browning.

Dogs truly are just another member of the family.

R.I.P. Wolf. Keep scrolling if you want to learn more about Ellen and her strange relationship with George W Bush...This might surprise you!