Things have been looking very rocky for some time for Ellen DeGeneres, and they don't seem to be getting better following the news that wife Portia de Rossi has been rushed to hospital.

Here's the full story...

Could this be an all-time low for Ellen?

After a professionally nightmarish year, her beloved wife is now dealing with huge health issues.

Now, Ellen Degeneres has not had a good couple of years.

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The infamous host of The Ellen Show has been batting off accusation after accusation.

When your entire personality is built on being nice...

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One small allegation can have things falling apart very quickly.

Which is exactly what seems to have happened!

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What started as a trickle of bad press very quickly became a flood.

And, since last year, things have reached a breaking point.

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Now, more than ever before, people are starting to turn against the star as detrimental stories continue to resurface.

Her past employees certainly haven't held back.

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BTS secrets of diva behavior, poor treatment of staff, and even more serious allegations have come to the surface.

How did it stay hidden for so long?!

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Well, many fans are looking back over the series and asking the very same questions.

Because, as it turns out...

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Many think Ellen has always been problematic!

Let's start with her treatment of Sophia Vergara...


Vergara is known for her strong Colombian accent which Ellen has always found (oddly) to be hilarious.

Ellen was seen repeatedly mocking Vergara during an episode a few years back...

Offering to teach her new words and claiming her English had gotten "better."

She even did some extremely uncomfortable imitations of the star.

Not a good look, Ellen.

The next unfortunate Ellen moment concerns a gift...


Something a fan sent to her.

It was a drawing of Ellen...

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Alongside her wife, Portia de Rossi. But instead of being grateful for the gesture? She brutally mocked it, instead.

In fact, Ellen dedicated an entire segment on the topic...

Called "Ellen Reviews Fans' Really Bad Gifts."

Mocking fans' kind gestures?

Not cool, Ellen.

These are just mere examples of Ellen's behavior...

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And alongside the shocking claims made by former employees of The Ellen Show, who knows what the future holds for America's most famous TV show host!

Despite issuing an apology last year, Ellen seems to have seriously damaged her show's reputation...

Because the show allegedly has been struggling to secure advertisers, book A-list celebrities, and experienced a huge dip in ratings over last summer - which in TV talk is very bad news.

A staff member who works for The Ellen Show spoke out about what's been happening.

Speaking to Insider, they revealed:

"We're trying to be a content house, but we have no content. For the first time, everyone was starting to ask us, 'If you have an idea, tell us because we will listen. If you have an idea for a celeb, even if they're not A-list or famous, we'll take anyone who will bring us numbers and eyeballs'."

Things are no longer the same...

"That's when they started to be real with us and essentially said, 'Give us anything because we need help.' Our old strategy doesn't work anymore."

And then, a publicist told Insider that they wouldn't set up anyone on her show right now.

"I wouldn't set up anyone on her show right now to do anything that could possibly cause them more negative headlines," they said, brutally.

"You have to tread so carefully with your clients and your clients' reputations, so you don't want to put your client in any line of fire sympathizing with someone that any community or anyone would feel bad about. We're not going to align anyone with Ellen."

Another publicist added:

"The feedback we've been getting is that Ellen is no longer a first choice for talent. It's not unique to one person. We've received feedback from other publicists as well as talent. Nobody likes feeling this emotional betrayal from someone who literally built a brand on niceness. Getting over that hump is a much bigger hurdle."

But now...

Ellen has been hit with more bad news.

Ellen's beloved wife Portia de Rossi has been dealing with a myriad of health issues.

And was rushed to hospital last Friday.

She needed emergency surgery following appendicitis.​


Luckily, de Rossi is now back home and doing well.

We hope she starts to feel better soon!