After shares in Tesla surged last year, founder and CEO Elon Musk is now officially closer to becoming the world's richest man... and is even close to surpassing Jeff Bezos.

Here's what we know...

Elon Musk is now one very happy man.

As stock prices jumped last year, Tesla's value soared yet again - ultimately positioning Musk in a very handsome financial position.

Now, we all know that Musk is already a very wealthy man.

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Being the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineering Designer of not only Tesla but SpaceX too, he has an awful lot going for him.

Tesla is known for its state of the art engineering...

And the company has unveiled some very impressive vehicles during Musk's time as CEO.

Though it is worth noting that Tesla had a little bit of an accident in 2019.

Who doesn't remember the infamous Cybertruck disaster?!

When unveiling the brand-new Cybertruck, Musk claimed that the automobile was unbreakable.

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So confident in the shatterproof design, he asked Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen to throw a steel ball at the Cybertrucks window.

Maybe he threw it "a little hard"...

The ball completely shattered the Cybertrucks supposedly shatterproof glass, ultimately making Musk look like a bit of an idiot.

"It worked in rehearsals..."

After the fail during the presentation, Musk tweeted a video made earlier, when they had successfully practiced the stunt.

Inevitably, the incident led to people mocking Tesla...

And Musk's presentation seemed to have seriously damaged Tesla's reputation.

Not that Musk seemed to care, however.

Frankly, this guy is so rich he can do whatever he very well wants to!

Well, Musk certainly wasn't finished with the Cybertruck...

Shortly afterward, Tesla unveiled its Tesla Roadster sports car for the first time at the European Grand Basel motor show last year.

The design had been highly-anticipated...

The Roadster, an all-electric 4-seater machine that Tesla claims has a top speed exceeding 250mph, was revealed last year and the firm displayed it in public for the first time at the Swiss event... although the white model on display appeared to be a design shell.

It is a very fast model...

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Tesla said the launch version, first confirmed during the launch event for the new Tesla Semi lorry in California,  will feature 10,000nm of torque (7376lb ft) from 3 motors. It can hit 60mph in 1.9 seconds, half-a-second quicker than the current fastest-accelerating Tesla, the Model S P100D.

Now, Musk is no stranger to a fast car...

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He said the successor to Tesla’s first production car, which went off sale 6 years ago, can accelerate from zero to 100mph in 4.2 seconds and complete a quarter-mile sprint in 8.9 seconds.

So, bearing all of that in mind...

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It's safe to say that Tesla is worth a lot of money.

And it's earned Musk an awful lot over the last few years...

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With the CEO holding a networth of $165.4 billion as of last year, according to Forbes.

Quite the achievement, I know!

Musk passed Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in the world's richest list after Tesla was recently selected to join the S&P 500, a stock market index that measures the performance of 500 large companies listed on the U.S stock exchange.

This means that Musk was then left with only 2 men to compete with financially...

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

But it was quickly realized that he didn't need a lot to surpass Microsoft's co-founder for second place.

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The statistics show that Musk only needed another $8 billion to knock Gates out of 2nd place. Just a reminder, $8 billion to guys like these is literally nothing!

And well, that was easy.

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Not even one week after Tesla's induction to the prestigious S&P 500, Musk's net worth soared to $127.9 billion, while Gates' lags behind.

Last year alone, his fortune grew by $100.3 billion.

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Experts say it was a result of Tesla's share price rising, which he owns a twenty percent stake of.

However, there's one man who even Musk has always been lagging behind.

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Well, until now that is...

Elon Musk is on track to surpass Jeff Bezos as the world's richest man.

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Musk's net worth has reportedly soared to a staggering $184.5billion

The stock price of Tesla jumped 4.9 percent this week...

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An increase that comes just days after finishing the first trading session of the year where they saw an increase of 3.4 percent.

And Jeff Bezos, the world's current wealthiest man, currently has a net worth standing at $187 billion...

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The increase in net worth places Musk just $3 billion behind him, according to Bloomberg.

So it's safe to say that Musk's year is off to a good start!

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