Elon Musk enjoyed poking fun at Jeff Bezos' on Twitter this week after someone shared a meme about his upcoming flight into space.

Like most days, the billionaire appeared to spend his Saturday responding to memes that had been sent to him on Twitter.

The meme shows Bezos talking to Musk about his flight, but with their faces superimposed onto the popular meme of Anakin Skywalker and Padme from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones.

The meme mocked Bezos's upcoming Blue Origin flight due to it only being sub-orbital, meaning that it will only touch the edge of space, rather than fully orbiting earth.

Musk responded to the meme, writing, "haha."

Blue Origin will fly sixty-two miles above sea level, otherwise known as the Karman line, which is what some define as the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space.

Bezos' flight will take approximately eleven minutes, and the passengers will experience roughly 3 minutes of weightlessness. Traveling with Bezos will be his brother Mark Bezos, eighty-two-year-old aviator Wally Funk, and eighteen-year-old physics student Oliver Daeman.

Musk also responded to a Twitter thread about his history with Bezos, joking that he can now "bench press a rhino," referring to his physical transformation over the years.

Some people loved the playful dig at Bezos...

"Jeff even grew a small sliver of hair for this scene."One Twitter user writes.

Another commented: "There is no competition. Musk sends crewed rockets into orbit regularly and is working on real interplanetary spacecraft. Bezos is building suborbital theme park rides for tourists."

While others commented on the dangers of the billionaires' ventures...

"That is very childish we are one species in search of Extra-Terrestrial life Elon and Jeff should be working together not against each other." A third wrote. "These two are playing a fair share in destroying our ozone layer."

The f rivalry between Musk and Bezos has been going on for years, however, it now involves Richard Branson who also traveled to the edge of space in his Virgin Galactic rocket. Before the flight, which took place last Sunday, Blue Origin mocked Branson for only having "airplane-sized windows" when their New Shepard rocket will have the "largest windows in space."

Both Elon Musk and Bezos own space exploration companies. But Musk's company SpaceX has a slightly different goal to that of the other 2 billionaires. he has a stated goal of one day traveling to Mars, and Musk even said he wants to colonize the planet.

Musk has previously called Blue Origin a "copycat," and made fun of Bezos' Blue Moon, comparing it to "blue balls."

Back in April, they clashed over a contract given to SpaceX by NASA, with Blue Origin influencing legislation to allow NASA to give out more money to other companies.