Elon Musk is known for being very active on Twitter, but fans noticed that he had mysteriously disappeared as his account on the platform no longer exists...

Keep scrolling to find out why.

This week, Elon Musk has been dominating the headlines.

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The South African entrepreneur was recently part a historic collaboration with space organization NASA, but just a day after being very vocal about it, he has mysteriously disappeared...

As most of you will know, Elon Musk is currently one of the wealthiest men in the world.

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Being the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineering Designer of SpaceX and Tesla, he has an awful lot going for him.

So, of course, he's got a lot to talk about on Twitter.

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He's a pretty unusual character and has made for some great entertainment in the past.

Remember this iconic event?

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When unveiling Tesla's latest Cyber truck design in November last year, Eleon got, for lack of a better word, a bit cocky.

We all remember this awful moment.

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He claimed that the Cyber Truck was unbreakable, and he was so confident in the shatterproof design that he asked Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen to throw a rock at the Cybertrucks window.

Maybe he threw it a little hard...

The ball shattered the Cybertrucks supposedly shatterproof glass and, well, made Musk look like a bit of an idiot.

"It worked in rehearsals..."

After the fail during the presentation, Musk tweeted a video made earlier, when they had successfully practiced the stunt.

People began mocking Elon directly.

As the founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon received a lot of criticism for the bizarre car design.

Not that Musk seems to care...

Frankly, this guy is so rich he can do whatever he very well wants to.

Elon is certainly a man who knows what he's doing.

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Behind the strange behaviors, he is a seriously smart guy and, even if we don't agree with everything that he does, it is undeniable that he is paving the path in the world of technology.

He seemed to immediately bounce back from the Cybertruck disaster...

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Meaning that it will certainly take a lot to drag this man down, especially not on Twitter...

His personal life also stole the spotlight on the social media platform...

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Elon and his partner, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, recently welcomed their first child... And, of course, they caused a whole lot of controversy in doing so.

On Star Wars Day, May 4th, Elon became a dad.

And he shared this adorable photo onto Twitter.

The little bundle of joy appears to be in great health...

But, when asked what the baby's name is, Musk replied with, "X Æ A-12 Musk." And it wasn't a joke.

Obviously, people were in complete disbelief at the name choice.

But did we really expect anything less from the unconventional CEO?

To explain the name further, Elon this week appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, just 3 days after the birth of little X Æ A-12.

Now, we all remember Elon's last appearance on the podcast show... You know, when he lit up a joint and started puffing away?

Well, he has always managed to stir up some controversy...

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But this time without the marijuana.

After a historic collaboration with NASA, you would think this man would want to brag some more about it...

But it seems that amidst all the drama, he has mysteriously disappeared off Twitter.

He tweeted this right before he left...

"Off Twitter for a while." The five-word tweet really left an impression on people because he didn't give any other details so people wondered why he decided to make this sudden decision.

While some people told him to "take care..."

Others could not believe what he was doing.

Everyone had something to say.

Some were outraged that he was trying to get to a different planet when there were so many problems on this one. It's a valid point.

Others called him out:

But obviously some of his fans jumped to his defense.

I mean, it does seem like a bad time to leave right now...

Especially considering he saw President Trump a day after the man threatened to shoot innocent American civilians.

Is it all because he doesn't want to get involved with what's going on right now?

It seems like it. Fans are sure that the man didn't even comment on any of the current social issues engulfing the country out of fear that his "deal" with the MAGA campaign might be thrown out of the window.

But one comment stood out from the rest...

Anonymous, the international activist/hacktivist collective/movement group decided to comment under the tweet saying: "We'll take over from here."

The faction made their way back onto the scene after years of staying in the shadows...

They claimed they had to come back in order to fight against the power of social injustice and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, they are doing one hell of a job exposing those people we put our trust in.

So it seems as though Elon Musk has picked his side...

Let's just hope no one pulls out any receipts on him because things aren't looking great right now... Keep scrolling to find out what else Musk has been up to recently...