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Elon Musk Proposes Age Limit for Anyone Running for President

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Elon Musk has proposed an age limit for anyone who runs for political office.

The SpaceX and Tesla founder took to Twitter recently to share his opinion.

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Elon Musk is making headlines again.

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This time for proposing an age limit to anybody who decides to run for political office.


Musk shared his opinion to Twitter, writing:

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“Let’s set an age limit after which you can’t run for political office.”


But just how old is too old?

Well Musk added to the tweet, writing:
“Perhaps a number just below 70.”


It’s unclear if Musk is referring to Joe Biden, who is 79.

Donald Trump too was 70 at the time of his inauguration, and Bernie Sanders, who Musk has had spats with before, is currently 80.


Do you agree with Musk?

In response to Musk’s initial tweet there have been a plethora of responses. Many are agreeing with Musk, while others have argued that age provides intelligence and wisdom…

Let us know what you think.