It's been a tough week for our local billionaires! Well, actually, probably not really, but still - Richard Branson has been brutally mocked online, which is probably as hard as life will ever get for him.

First, he went to space (or close to space in a plane), and literally, nobody cared. Honestly, we'd already pretty much forgotten that it ever happened. Many others pointed out that the whole thing seemed like a massive waste of time and resources, considering the myriad of issues we're facing right now on planet earth.

But always one to stand up for the vulnerable rights of the mega-rich, Elon Musk was all in on the mission. In fact, he took to Twitter to defend Branson's vanity mission, in what seems to be the form of a slam poem...?

Before Branson blasted off, Musk actually visited him at home. The Virgin Galactic founder ahead of his flight tweeted: "Big day ahead. Great to start the morning with a friend. Feeling good, feeling excited, feeling ready." But people were absolutely focused on something else in the picture.

Those ugly, ugly cabinets! There were a ton of hilarious responses roasting the kitchen fixtures. "To have billions of dollars and THOSE cabinets? what's the point," one joked. "How can you be worried about space when you can't even manage the s**t right above the ground???" added another.

A third laughed, "Googly eyed ass finishings. Luann was right – money doesn't buy you, class." Another kept it simple by writing: "One can be a billionaire but still have an ugly kitchen."

However, some others stood up for Branson's right to these horrible kitchen cabinets. "That's what I like about Sir Richard Branson -no airs and flairs, a straight-up; down to earth guy!" one offered. "Who freaking cares? Only the shallow social media trolls would make a big deal about some old cabinets. I'm sure their yearly charitable donations pale in comparison to Sir Richard's. But that's the beauty…you can say whatever you want and remain essentially anonymous (and forgotten about)," another added.

But unbelievably for a man running multiple businesses, Elon Musk saw the furor and managed to take time out of the day to defend the cabinets. He tweeted: "It was Richard's rental house, which overall is great, but I agree regarding the cabinets haha. This was 3 am, the day of the flight. Wasn't expecting this brutal pic of me to be posted, but oh well."

However, the trolls didn't take a moment off. One responded to Musk almost immediately, saying: "Elon all I want is for you to have a happy life with nice cabinets and hemmed pants. I also would like money. From you. Please."

In spite of the trolling, it seems Musk has firmly set his sights on space alongside Branson. He claims he's set to be the next billionaire to try out the Virgin Galactic rocket after purchasing a seat onboard for a whopping $250,000.