Embroidery Tattoos Are Now A Thing And They Look Awesome

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It seems that everyone nowadays has a tattoo. Whether it’s a full arm sleeve or a drunken mishap on the lower back, tattoos are more popular than ever and the safe practice of the art is easy to come across.

Tattooing isn’t just a trend, it’s a form of art and tattoo artists are truly some of the most talented artists that you’ll come across. Similar to traditional art, tattoos come in numerous different styles; there’s shading, oil painting-esque work, tatts in a retro style, minimalist tattoos and so many more variations out there.

A newer style of tattoo is making its way across the needles of artists around the world, and they are truly breathtaking. Read on to discover the beautiful designs that have been created in this unique style…

The talent that these artists have is staggering, and it’s nothing but insulting when certain folk brand tattoos as “ugly” or a sure-fire way to “ruin your body.” Tattooing is an art form, and, as this tattoo artist from London has demonstrated, the outcome can really be something special.

Many artists take inspiration from nature in their work, such as this artist in the United States who uses plants and flowers to create his work.

Tattoos are designed to suit the person that they are being inked onto – they are often a representation of the person themselves or have some form of meaning behind them.

This style of tattooing is nothing short of amazing.

The rich and textured designs of these tattoos give the breathtaking illusion that there is actually thread embroidered into the skin.

The designs are so well done that they appear to be 3 dimensional – especially when observed at different angles.

The artists even go to the extreme effort to ensure that every “thread” is tattooed on.

Even this grinning Cheshire cat!

Every intricate detail was captured, including the crazed expression that the Cheshire cat is so very well known for, and always has on his face.

This adorable little piece is definitely a lucky charm!

This Deathly Hallows symbol has even been incorporated into an embroidered piece…

Mixing the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the delicate art of embroidery is an elegant and creative touch.

It’s almost as if the tattoo isn’t even a part of the skin…

Rather than having embroidered patches on your vintage denim jacket, why not have them on your skin instead?

Especially old-school Disney!

This tat well and truly represents the wonderful madness of Disney.

This style of tattooing seems to be perfect for any theme.

This cross-stitched panda is just too cute to handle.

How on earth can an artist make ink look as realistic as a piece of thread?

The attention to detail is absolutely incredible.

It really depicts the beautiful precision of this tattooing style.

Keep the kitty portraits coming!

This softly knitted sugar skull gives a delicate touch to the usually sinister portrayal of skulls.

Now that’s true commitment!

Who’d have thought that Superman would look good in embroidery?

Embroidered tattoos can just be there to look artistic and beautiful.

When using color in a tattoo, it’s super important to pick ones that blend well together, like in beautiful little piece.

I think I want a tattoo now…

An embroidered tattoo is definitely up there in the most beautiful styles of art.

I’m sure that an embroidered beauty such as this won’t peeve off your parents as much as a drunken stamp on your wrist would. Are the embroidered tatts not for you? Check out these beautiful tattoos that have been created in white ink – they’re absolutely stunning.