Emily Ratajkowski Proudly Posts Picture of Her Long Armpit Hair

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Supermodel and actress, Emily Ratajkowski, has never shied away from making a statement. Aside from her glowing modeling and acting career, she is also a huge champion for feminism and hasn’t ever been afraid to make this side of her known (remember when she completely obliterated Piers Morgan?).

While she’s usually appearing in glossy print with polished looks and pristine, well, clean-shaven skin, the model has now taken a refreshing approach to the beauty ideals that typically come with fronting a high-profile magazine.

The star has penned an essay for Harpers Bazaar’s September issue in which she opens up about her identity and feminism, and, true to the theme of the piece – appeared on the cover donning armpit hair.

Keep scrolling to find out what made her take the plunge, hair-and-all, and why some people have noticed something strange about the shot.


The twenty-eight-year-old has a pretty impressive resume, posing for the likes of Allure, Vogue, Marie Claire, and LOVE, to name a few.

Although you may remember her from this famous music video.

Yep, she starred in the 2013 music video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” The gig bagged the model her big break and cemented her as the latest sex symbol of the celeb-o-sphere.

And any iCarly fans out there will probably recognize her, too.

Now, this is some serious nostalgia. The model has had a successful stab at acting, landing a recurring role as Gibby’s girlfriend in Nickelodeon’s iCarly.      

The then-eighteen-year-old is barely recognizable. Which is probably why we’d all forgotten that it was her. Anyway, moving on…

If that doesn’t ring a bell, she was also in the 2014 movie, Gone Girl.

Remember Ben Affleck’s mistress in the thriller? Well, that was Ratajkowski too.  

After taking the modeling world by storm, she has quickly gone from “that girl from the blurred lines video” to an international star. Her gleaming portfolio includes the likes of some of the biggest publications and designers in the industry, making her one of the most-talked-about names in fashion.  

In 2017, the star said she struggled to get breaking into the industry because her body didn’t fit the typical mould of a model. What? Ratajkowski admitted that her body was deemed too “sexy” to work with, due to the size of her boobs. “There’s this thing that happens to me: ‘Oh, she’s too sexy.’ It’s like an anti-woman thing, people don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big.”

Between runway shows and glossy print gigs, the star regularly posts shots of herself Instagram, and you have to admit that, objectively, she does look gorgeous.

Since breaking out into the industry, the star has been using her platform to speak out about the unprecedented policing of women’s bodies.  

Considering the fact that she’s a model, she often poses for revealing shots, which people tend to slam her for because you apparently can’t show a bit of skin and be a feminist at the same time. But the model believes otherwise – that no one should be able to dictate what a woman wears.  

The star isn’t afraid to shy away from controversy, and politics is no exception. Last year, she was among the three-hundred people who took to the streets to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who was accused of sexually assaulting university professor, Christine Blasey, in 1982. “I demand a government that acknowledges, respects and supports women as much as it does men,” the model wrote on her Instagram.

Ridiculously, instead of focusing on the important reason for the protest, people decided to focus on what the model was wearing, instead. Critics began trolling her for not wearing a bra to the protest, arguing that going braless, wearing a tank top, took away from her political motivations.

Whatever she chooses to dress herself in should be completely irrelevant.

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, the model took to Twitter to express how “tired” she is of having to worry about what men will think if she wears a short skirt. “I’m tired of having to consider how I might be perceived by men if I wear the short skirt or post a sexy Instagram. I want to do what I want to do. Feminism isn’t about adjusting, it’s about freedom and choice.”

The star has been very vocal that she believes in the right to choose. So much so, that earlier this year, she posed nude as a stand against the controversial Alabama abortion law. Her message was simple, “My body, my choice.”

You’ve probably already guessed who it is… the one and only Piers Morgan. Are we surprised? No, not really. The journalist has regularly called out Ratajkowski for wearing little clothes on photoshoots, or, as he likes to call it, “stripping, in the name of money.”  

She continually stresses that she can wear as many, or as little, clothes as she wants and still be a feminist. It’s honestly quite sad that she has to constantly defend herself.

The star is featured on the Septemeber issue of Harpers Bazaar, in which she’s penned an essay surrounding all things identity and feminism for.

Why you ask? Because she can. “For me, body hair is another opportunity for women to exercise their ability to choose…. On any given day, I tend to like to shave, but sometimes letting my body hair grow out is what makes me feel sexy,” she wrote.

“Before I go any further, let’s state the obvious: I’m a cis white woman. I’m well aware of the privilege I receive as someone who is heteronormative, and I don’t pretend to act like my identity hasn’t made some things easier for me.” Despite recognizing her privilege (which is obviously important), the model wrote that she still wanted to speak out about her experience as a woman.  

“Two summers ago, while vacationing with my friend and her girlfriend, my friend made an offhand remark about me being ‘hyper femme.’ It kind of threw me because in many ways, probably like anyone would, I felt that her comment was an oversimplification of my identity. “In my day-to-day life, I was not aware of being femme or masc or anything but just me. Her observation surprised me and made me feel suddenly self-conscious.”  

“I feel powerful when I’m feeling myself, and sometimes feeling myself means wearing a miniskirt. Sometimes it means wearing a giant hoodie and sweats.” And in reference to all of the backlash from the protest last year, she summed up her essay saying: “Sometimes I feel particularly strong and free when I don’t wear a bra under a tank top. That’s just me, in that moment.”  

The star probably expected some backlash from the shot, but some people are going as far as to say it’s fake.

Like this user, who seemed pretty adamant that the armpit conspiracy was true. To be fair, just because the star is clean-shaven now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair was fake on the day of the shoot.

People thought that the star’s message was powerful and many people are slamming the star because they are “scared” of a  powerful woman who embraces her sexuality.

And we’ll definitely await Piers Morgan’s inevitable tweet about her latest move. Speaking of Morgan, the pair have had quite the feud of the last few years; the journalist regularly calls out Ratajkowski, which has seen him label her a “global bimbo” amongst other things. Keep scrolling to find out how the model reacted because it’s pretty epic…