Fans Feel Old As Eminem's Daughter Turns 25 | 22 Words

Eminem fans everywhere are feeling a lot older after finding out something pretty shocking about his daughter, Hailie...

Eminem is a music mega-star.

Born October 7th, 1972, he's had a long and prolific career including selling over 230 million records globally and even bagging an Academy Award.

But he's had no shortage of controversy over his career.

He's been in and out of rehab and has struggled with addictions to prescription medications. But one area in which Eminem has consistently faced controversy is in his personal life.

His relationship with Kim Scott has been tumultuous, to say the least.

In fact, there have been some pretty public feuds between the pair, with many taking place in Eminem's song lyrics.

But, in spite of the up-and-down relationship, there's one thing that the pair will always have in common.

Kim and Eminem share a (somewhat unusual) family together, including 3 daughters.

Of the 3 daughters, 2 are adopted.

The pair's eldest (pictured on the right), Alaina Marie, was the daughter of Kim's troubled sister, Dawn, who died of a drug overdose. Kim and Eminem adopted her in 2002, and she's now twenty-seven-years-old.

Eminem's youngest daughter is also adopted.

Whitney, aged eighteen, is the daughter of Kim and her brief-fling, Eric Carter. Eminem legally adopted Whitney, too, and the 2 co-parent the teen.

But the middle daughter is biologically both Kim's and Eminem's.

Hailie Jade Mathers was born in December of 1995.

The birth of Hailie clearly had a huge impact on Eminem's life.

He'd always been known as something of a hard, scary individual, but fatherhood certainly brought out his softer side.

Hailie has also impacted Eminem's art.

In fact, 2 of Eminem's most popular songs, "Mockingbird," and "Hailie's Song," are inspired by the birth of his daughter, and feature heartwrenching lyrics about his experience of fatherhood.

But Hailie has chosen a pretty surprising career.

Instead of following in her father's footsteps to musical stardom or choosing a more conventional career path, Hailie has, instead, taken on an industry that's pretty controversial - and distinctly millennial.

Yep, that's right.

Eminem's daughter is an Instagram influencer.  And a pretty successful one at that. She currently has an unbelievable 2 million followers on the photo-sharing platform. And fans are feeling pretty old now she's turned twenty-five...

People just can't seem to get over how much time has actually passed...

One person replied to her birthday Instagram saying: "Remember when she was a little girl." Another added: "Do you want to feel old? @Eminem's daughter, Hailie Scott, turned 25 yo. She looks amazing!"

Eminem has recently opened up about how proud he is of his daughter on Mike Tyson's Hotboxin' podcast.

The rap legend said: "No babies, she has a boyfriend, but she's doing good. She's made me proud for sure. She's graduated from college."

He went on to say how raising his daughter is his best achievement...

He said: "I have a niece that I have helped raise, too, that's pretty much like a daughter to me, and she is 26, and I have a younger one that's 17 now. "So when I think about my accomplishments, that's probably the thing I'm the proudest of is being able to raise kids."

Now, almost every parent says that, but when you're a world-renowned rapper, it hits a little different...

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