Beauty and the Beast is set to open in a couple of weeks, and star Emma Watson has already started making the press rounds.

But it's this feature in Vanity Fair that has people calling Belle a "hypocrite" and questioning just how much of a feminist Watson — who champions women's rights as a UN Ambassador — really is. Why?

Because of one image in particular — Watson posing braless in a Burberry shrug — which apparently means she can no longer be a feminist.

Granted the headline, while clever, is a little cringey, but it really got Twitter all in a tizzy. 

Others thought people were missing the point and took the opportunity to educate them about feminism.

Some said this debate highlighted the need for feminism.

One person pointed out that actually, the whole bra thing was actually a starting point decades ago.

It's 2017 and we're still talking about this, so clearly there's work to be done. But what do you think? Was she being hypocritical or are people overreacting?