Emma Watson 'Wrote Using A Quill During The Shooting Of Harry Potter' | 22 Words

Back in 2011, we watched through teary eyes as Harry Potter finally defeated the evil Lord Voldemort, and ultimately brought the magical world of Hogwarts to a close.

But... What's happened since the end of the magical Harry Potter franchise?

Just because it finished doesn't mean it's actually over.

Endless tributes and reunions of the Hogwarts gang have been happening, and the most recent revelation of Emma Watson is the most adorable thing.

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The Harry Potter tales are simply magical.

Literally... Because they're all about magic.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter was first born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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While sitting in a small coffee shop, the British author, J.K. Rowling brought to life something rather spectacular.

She created a whole new world...

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And everyone wanted to be a part of it.

And quite understandably so.

With dragons, moving photographs, giant snakes, pumpkin juice, and the flying-broomstick sport of Quidditch, millions of people all over the world have been keen to get involved with the Harry Potter way of life.

The world has become Harry Potter obsessed.

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And we all believed that we were going to receive a letter from Hogwarts in the mail when we were eleven-years-old... No? Just me?

Spanning across 7 novels...

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And 8 movie adaptations, Harry Potter has become a global phenomenon.

So, obviously...

When the final movie was released in 2011, Harry Potter fans far and wide were itching for more.

Though there have been a handful of Harry Potter side projects...

There has been no mention of a fully-fledged Harry Potter reunion.

Though certain members of the original Harry Potter cast have sparked many rumors in the past...

Now, all Potter fans must have heard about the dating rumors between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger... Or Tom Felton and Emma Watson, as they're known as in real life.

The pair have been spotted together quite frequently in the past year...

And in perfect timing with Emma's breakup with her Glee ex-boyfriend, Chord Overstreet.

Yet, despite all the dating rumors...

And all the excitement from fans, the pair have never confirmed their romance, and have instead insisted that they are just friends. Boo.

Emma Watson is certainly a no-nonsense kind of woman...

And she didn't allow any kind of rumor to be spread about her personal life.

And it's safe to say that she is a pretty incredible woman also...

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Unlike many child stars, she has stayed firmly on the tracks and she even completed a university degree while shooting the final Harry Potter movies.

There are no bad words against Emma...

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And the cutest throwback emerged online recently from her Hermione Granger days.

Who remembers the first-ever Transfiguration class in the first movie?

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The scene of the kids experiencing one of their first Hogwarts classes back in 2001 was adorable, to say the least, and it shows all the children eagerly taking notes of the magic they are about to learn.

It was a common occurrence to see book-worm Hermione frantically taking notes...

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And in this particular scene, it turns out that Emma was actually writing a note rather than faking it - something a lot of the children were asked to do in order to make the scene more authentic.

Here is the adorable note...

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“My name is Emma Charlotte Watson. I am 10 years old and playing the part of Hermione Granger. I am in Transfiguration. I love this pen (quill). Professer McGonagall (the cat) (miss peacock) is beautifull [and] is black [and] white. I wish I had a cat as a teacher," it reads.

This has melted the hearts of many Potter fans...

And we must say, it is the cutest thing!

But who found the note?

The note is, in fact, taken from the behind the scenes footage of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone which belongs to Huntley Film Archives.

Recently, 29-year-old Emma revealed how she really felt about becoming famous at such a young age...

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And apparently, the actress felt guilty for not enjoying it as much as she felt she had to.

Being a child star isn't as easy as it looks...

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“I’ve sat in therapy and felt really guilty about it. I’m like why me, somebody else would have enjoyed and wanted this aspect of it more than I did. And I’ve struggled a lot with the guilt around that. I’m like, I should be enjoying this a lot more, I should be more excited and I’m actually really struggling," Emma said.

Emma is a true example of an amazing lady.

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