Employee Gets Perfect Revenge on Bosses Who Tried to Make Him Miserable Enough to Quit

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There’s nothing quite as horrible or soul-destroying as working for an awful boss, is there?

Having to work under someone that you can’t stand can prove to be rather difficult, and most people tend to just give up and quit their jobs rather than work under the hellish conditions of a maniacal dictator (if my boss is reading this, I promise that this isn’t about you… I swear).

Anyway, back to the main story.

One Reddit user has gone viral after he shared his story of the sweetest revenge plot that he took against bosses who were intentionally making his life at work difficult in a bid for him to quit.

Keep scrolling to read this legendary story, and, for those of you suffering under terrible management, get your notepads at the ready!

That’s the main question burning on most unhappy workers’ lips at the end of another long and hard day at work.

But your bosses? Having an awful boss can simply become unbearable, with many people choosing to leave their jobs rather than stand another day working under their regimes.

But some people come up with ingenious ways of getting their own back on their most hated superiors.

Simply for being so brilliantly professional and effective. The story, which was originally posted on Reddit, details how new management, which had recently taken over the company he worked for, was deliberately making his life difficult in the hopes that he would just quit.  

And cleverly plotted his own revenge against the company, which ultimately caused management’s plan to spectacularly backfire in their own faces. Amazing.

Setting the scene, Reddit user, TheBadGuyBelow, explained that he used to work for a manufacturing company that would make items such as waste containers and dumpsters. He detailed how, originally, he worked under a good manager, and enjoyed just putting in his earbuds and getting on with the job with no real issues. Up for another story of sweet, sweet revenge? Keep scrolling.

And he explained how, over time, more and more responsibilities were getting piled on his plate, resulting in him doing several different jobs with no extra pay or compensation.

After around a year into his employment, all sorts of changes began to be made, ultimately making his job much more challenging.

Until he had to take a month off work with a collapsed lung. And, to make matters worse, the man believes that his illness was a result of poor working conditions and lack of safe ventilation in the workplace.

Management found that they no longer had much use for him. He had gone from one of the best workers to one of the most fragile, and management clearly wanted him gone.

The new bosses made it quite obvious that they wanted to be rid of this particular worker so, instead of firing him or letting him go due to ill health, they went on to behave like children, trying to make him so unhappy that he would quit on his own accord.

The worker details how management went to ridiculous lengths to make his working life a miserable one, such as writing up non-existent violations, hiding his tools, and refusing to fix broken equipment.

And they went on to give all employees – apart from this one man – pay rises and sprung extra weekend shifts on him with minimal notice.

And, rather than confronting bosses (which is what I would have certainly done…), he kept his cool and decided to play the long game, and get his own back.

And, immediately, orders began piling up, deliveries were running later and later, and the general quality of work was dropping. This crafty worker had gone from doing the work of 10 different people to just sticking to his own workload.

He even went to the lengths to cut out sections of his employee handbook to catch out management when they would try and get him to work weekend shifts at the very last minute. It was a long and tedious process, but this worker bided his time.

And, let’s just say, there were a lot of them. Varying from the lack of ventilation, the improper use of crane hooks, and unserviced forklifts, the disgruntled employee made sure that he logged everything that was wrong with the workplace.

As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race, and this guy was in no rush whatsoever.

The production manager untagged one of the unserviced forklifts which, in that industry, was a diabolical error to make.

After the production manager’s mistake, the worker took his notepad – which had every mistake and violation in the workplace recorded down – and gave it to the government official who oversaw safety and procedure. He informed him of the untagged forklift, then proceeded to take his lunch break. Boom.

And, after about half an hour, his slow and tedious revenge game finally paid off. The manager was apparently punished quite severely for the forklift mishap, and he subsequently began avoiding the worker, who went on to work slowly and ably at his own pace.  

Watching the workplace completely fall apart without his extra workload and effort gave him immense satisfaction. That’s the best prize of all, surely?

And he heard that, despite 5 workers being hired to do his job, the quality of work just wasn’t there anymore, ultimately costing the company money.  

He explained that, rather than quitting straight away, he stuck out the awful working conditions to catch out management’s wrong-doings, ultimately making their lives miserable in return. Had his bosses treat him with the dignity and respect that he deserved in the first place, they would still have a hard-working employee with excellent results.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. This guy completely got his own back on his awful bosses through playing the long game and was ultimately the one who ended up laughing. What an absolute inspiration.