Subway Worker With Baby Strapped to His Chest Sparks Debate About Working Parents

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A video showing a Subway worker, who was seen looking after a baby while on shift, has got a lot of people talking…


The TikTok video showing the working dad with a baby strapped to his chest quickly went viral gaining over 3 million views since it was posted on Saturday.

The video is set to I’m A Survivor by Reba McIntyre, with the caption “Single mom thingz.”


And while it might look like he’s the baby’s father, the man in question is simply an old colleague of the woman filming…

Leslie Munoz, who once worked alongside the man at the Subway, asked him to hold her son while she ate.

“[The old co-worker] was so excited and strapped him on,” Munoz said, as per The Daily Dot.


“He then proceed to make my sandwich, but as soon as a customer came in he was given back to me,” she added.

However, it seems many TikTok users got the wrong end of the stick with Munoz’s video, with many asking her for the man’s GoFundMe, insisting “he deserves help.”


Others commented giving their support and well wishes for the “hardworking father”…

Resulting in many conversations about single parents, child support, and the outdated policies of maternity leave.


One comment read: “If I saw this at a local Subway, I would not be bothered. Sometimes childcare falls through.”

“Can we normalize this,” another user asked. “There shouldn’t have to be a choice between taking care of the child and making money to care for the child.”

And as it turns out, Subway doesn’t offer paid maternity leave, so it’s definitely something that needs to be brought up. Munoz, in particular, thinks it’s amazing that the “video was able to start so many conversations” about the issue.

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