Employees Spill the 20 Weirdest Things They’ve Ever Seen People Do in Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms are all fun and games until something weird happens. We’ve found a bunch of hilarious stories of the strange things that happen in seemingly innocent escape rooms, from the sweet to the nightmarish. Keep reading to get a taste for what these employees deal with. You’ll have a whole new level of respect the next time you find yourself at an escape room.


“I’ve had many, many groups, as I walk them into the room, point to the big box on the floor with a combo lock on it and ask ‘is that part of the game???’ No, we just have random boxes in the room that aren’t related. A good amount of these people will continue to ignore that box, even after I’ve told them it’s important. It’s one of the first things you’re supposed to do!” @nerfjanmayen Pro tip: listen to the employees!

“So we do proposals. Ring in the final puzzle box, proposal signs, whole package deal, people love it. Dude calls up to set up a proposal, I ask what room he wants etcetera. So then I tell him the total price to book out the entire room for the proposal. He says he just wants to buy the two tickets for him and his girlfriend, I tell him we can’t have strangers playing a game that their experience is impacted/altered by the fact that there’s a proposal going on. Proposal happens in an Escape Room, there’s no longer a game, it becomes about the proposal. I know this because I’ve seen it happen a hundred times. Anyway, dude refuses to buy out all of the tickets. Says he wants strangers to be there, he’s not going to buy the other four tickets. I hand the phone to my manager, they hash out details together. Over the next three weeks leading up to the proposal, this guy calls every. Single. F*cking. Day. There’s nothing else to figure out, we’ve got it all set up, but this guy is constantly badgering us. The big day rolls around, he arrives early so he can hide out, and this dude is a kid. Like, pimple-faced, voice-cracking, hair-growing-in-weird-places kind of kid. Everybody in the control room is talking about him, because he’s been a thorn in our collective sides for weeks, and we’re speculating about telling him marriage at his age is a horrible idea, but whatever it’s too late. So he hides, the girl and her friends show up, they get started and we stash the dude in the second hidden room that they’ll eventually end up in. Everybody crowds around the monitor to watch and this guy pulls out a bouquet of flowers and unfurls a sign that says ‘NAME REDACTED, will you go with me to PROM?’ And the entire staff loses their collective sh*t. Weeks of constant pestering, endless phone calls, and the most stressful proposal deal we’ve ever put together. For a f*cking PROMposal. She said no.” @simonjester523 TLDR: Worst. Promposal. Ever.

“We have a room themed like a teen girls bedroom in the ’80s; it has a phone in it, and players can use it. A group of young girls had no idea what it was or how it worked (having grown up with cell phones only), so their gamemaster had to explain it to them. Best part was it was her personal friends and she was super embarrassed for them.” @Gamedeals Kids these days. Wonder what they’d do with a floppy disk?

At our establishment we have a room called ‘Jailbreak’ with a fake door towards the very end (it’s covered with plywood). This girl takes one look at it and says ‘jail…break….’ and charges the door full force and breaks through.” @NOTYARYP We give her props for brute force.

“Just started working at escape the room and we have rules about not jumping out the windows and not sticking keys into wall sockets because it has all happened before.” @Blueaznx3 Enter an escape room and all common sense goes out the window!

“People have tried to climb through the ceiling tiles on multiple occasions. We now have to mention in the pre-game spiel that it’s not necessary to climb through the ceiling tiles.” @RayRay223 People just want to live out their spy fantasies.

“One of my co-workers said that a group started getting really destructive in the room, to the point where they literally threw the computer on the floor to see if something was hidden inside (there wasn’t anything hidden inside, they need to use a special magnifying glass to read the monitor). We abruptly removed them from the room after that. They actually ended up coming back another day and were extremely well behaved. I guess they learned their lesson.” @RayRay223 If you’re channeling Zoolander, you’re probably not going to come out on top.

“Someone cleared all the boxes and locks off of a table in the corner, laid down on it, and went to sleep until the group escaped.” @AnArmedPenguin TFW your friends drag you to the escape room but you just want to catch some zzz’s.

“Sometimes halfway through a game, someone that wasn’t paying attention will walk up to the entrance, realize its unlocked, and tell the rest of the group they solved it. Then group think sets in and everyone just stands in the hallway as their time runs out.” @breathe_intheair That’s not the escape you were going for.

“We give people a box for them to bring in, so they can store their belongings while they play. One time, about halfway in, an inquisitive older man started going through their own stuff. He pulled out a purse and shouts ‘guys, I found some… this is our stuff isn’t it.’ It was hilarious.” @Dank_Pickles At least he didn’t start going through the purse…

“We had a group that was evidently high. They weren’t disruptive or anything, so we just briefed them, and took them to their room. So far so good. We have cameras and microphones inside the rooms, that way we know what hints to give out, another important thing is that the room they were at had a small fountain, and since the particular aesthetic of this room was dusty, that water was filthy. I’m talking murky, brown-yellow, mud-water. At one point one of the guys says he is thirsty, and proceeds to stick his mouth onto the fountain’s stream and take a hefty gulp of the sh*t-water. We spend a second of shock/guffaw, and tell them that drinking the f*cking water isn’t part of the puzzle. The guy reads the hint and just says ‘that’s alright.’ He proceeded to do the same thing four times and drank the whole fountain (small fountain, but still like a gallon of mud-water). We’ve had more inconvenient things happen, but that still remains as the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” @SartresChill Excuse us while we go throw up.

Went to an Escape the Room with some friends on Friday. My one friend took his shirt off 4 times. The crazier thing that happened though was how we solved it. We were supposed to get the word Waterloo from a series of clues and use a dictionary to find that the battle of Waterloo was in 1815. Use that 4 digit number to get a key that let us out of the room. Well we got the word ‘eaterloi’ instead of Waterloo. We assumed that it was an anagram and we used a word scrambler to get the word aerolite from it. Using the dictionary we found that aerolite was invented in 1815. Well we got the key and we confidently told the employee how we figured it out. He was dumbfounded. I’m not exactly sure what the odds of solving the room like this is, but if someone could solve that for us that’d be dank. My friends and I have been trying to figure it out since it happened.” @hawkeytown30 We definitely did not see that one coming.

“Did a space station themed room. We got paired with a mother and her adult sons. The sons did just fine but mom was clueless. There was a prop fire extinguisher on the wall that she was CERTAIN had to be for something. For an hour she wandered around aimlessly carrying a fire extinguisher.” @darwin57 She tried…

“One situation quickly came to mind when I read this. In our prison style escape room we have a laser maze that players need to crawl/climb through to deactivate and move forward. Two players are required to finish (or so I thought) the laser maze because there are 3 buttons to be pressed, where the third button is out of reach from the other two. A family came in to play our game with a younger boy, a very fit (relevant) girl in her early twenties, their parents, and their grandfather who had some disability that required him to use those crutches that wrap around your forearms. So they play through and get to the laser maze. The girl got through fairly easily, but they needed to move fast since the timer was running. The young boy had a great idea, ‘Here! Use grandpa’s crutch!’ At which point he takes the crutch straight from grandpa and slides it past all the lasers to his sister at the other end. I was fascinated at this point but even with the crutch it was a long stretch to hit them all. The girl took a second to find the right spot on the floor, planted her foot there, went into a perfect perpendicular stretch with one foot on the ground, one foot on the far button, on hand on the middle button, and finally reaching the last button with the crutch. That family came out of the room so proud and she boasted to the family about her daily yoga, almost convincing me to sign up for yoga because it was so impressive. That was one of the most creative and weirdest successful solutions to a puzzle I’ve seen in my years working there.” @Emjov Another reason to take up yoga.

I’ve had about 150 groups in my room and the weirdest are the ones where people solve the main puzzle and just don’t leave the room. They have found the key or device they need to leave and just wander around clueless.” @W1ckeDxt So close, yet so far.

A little 12 year kid came up to me before the room and asked: ‘Are you in the room with us?’ I replied: ‘No but I’ll be in the control room.’ To which he replied: ‘Okay, good, so we can torture you when you don’t give us any good hints.’ When they were in the room he proceeded to say: ‘Give us some good hints you rotten child.’” @W1ckeDxt Kids can be pretty intimidating…

“Started working in an escape room around 3 months ago. This is not really a weird thing, but more a cute one. One day a dude called and told us he was proposing to his girlfriend and that they were both huge fans of escape rooms. So my boss and came up with a cool idea how we could change our escape room to make it more romantic and that at the end of the escape they wouldn’t find the key of the room but the ring and a bottle of champagne. We also told the dude the solutions of some of the puzzles to make sure they would actually come to the end of the room. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. The way these two worked together in the room and how excited the dude was. When they found the ring and the champagne at the end and he asked to marry her, they were both in tears (So were my boss and I). She said yes! After that they stayed with us for a bit before heading their own way. It is still one of my favorite evenings and one of the reasons I love my newfound job so much.” @ShatteredScorn In case you were worried that only weird things happen in escape rooms—cute things happen too!

“I saw a man eat a magnet. There are rubber snakes in the room and one has a magnet in its mouth. He thought he should do as the snake did. He offered it back, but we told him once he found it he could keep it.” @MrKerk This guy’s problem solving skills leave something to be desired.

One couple couldn’t agree on how to solve the puzzles and broke up inside the room.” @GloriousTuna That’s one way to put your relationship to the test.

One lady completely threw up in a room and they all just kept laughing. When asked if she was okay by my coworker, she responded with, ‘oh, I just throw up when I get really excited!!’” @nadroj37 They can’t let a little puke get in the way of a good time!