Eric Trump has made some outlandish claims about the effect his dad's absence in the White House has had upon the people of America.

Okay, if you say so, Eric.


Though we have to point out, Eric, who is the vice president of the Trump Organization, has always demonstrated extreme and unwavering loyalty to his father.

For example...

When his father fell ill with COVID-19 last year, he tweeted this:

"Donald Trump is a true warrior. He will fight through this with the same strength and conviction that he uses to fight for America each and every day... I have never been more proud of someone and what they had to endure."

This loyalty has landed him in hot water in the past, however.

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Eric made some controversial claims about his father during an interview with a North Dakota radio station last year, and it didn't go down too well.

In the audio recording, Eric claimed that his father "saved Christianity."

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Yep, really.

He also insisted that his father "lost a fortune" during his presidency and actually doesn't need the job at all.

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"The last thing ... Donald Trump needs in the world is this job."

Eric went on to say that his father stuck it out because it was the "right" thing to do for America.

I told you his loyalty was unwavering.

Anyway, in the months since President Biden's inauguration, Eric has remained fairly under the radar...


But this week, he made a public comeback courtesy of FOX News.

The businessman sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening...


Where he made some extremely outlandish claims about his father's popularity.

Of course, people were quick to mock Eric's remarks...

Speaking about his experience post-Trump presidency, he said:


"I can tell you, more people have come up to me on the street in the last week saying: 'We miss him so much.' I mean, literally with tears in their eyes. 'We miss the man so much.' No matter what you say about him, he loves this country and he's willing to fight for this country."

You can watch the moment for yourself below.

What do you make of the legitimacy of Eric's claims?