Ethan Suplee has opened up about the reality of losing an extreme amount of weight with a startlingly brave, yet eye-opening photo.

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Now, you're all bound to recognize Ethan Suplee.

The forty-three-year-old actor, who hails from New York City, began his career by playing William in 1995's Mallrats.

After Mallrats, he went on to pursue a few smaller roles...

He was cast in Chasing Amy and Dogma, both of which he starred with his soon to be co-star, Jason Lee.

My Name is Earl came in 2005...

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And Suplee's role as Randy, alongside Jason Lee's leading role as Earl in the hit TV show, was arguably his big break.

He was a popular character throughout the entirety of the series until it ended in 2009...

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And Suplee proved himself in various dramatic performances later on in his career.

His role as the ruthless Nazi skinhead in American History X was one of them.

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Other notable roles include Ashton Kutcher's goth roommate in The Butterfly Effect, the man who rapes a clown in Vulgar, and the football player in Remember the Titans.

We have to say...

Suplee is a very dynamic actor.

But there's another thing that Suplee has always been recognized for...

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And that's his weight.

The actor has always been a little bit on the heavier side...

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But, over the last ten years, he has been working to shift the pounds by adopting a much healthier lifestyle.

Gradual exercise made a huge difference...


Speaking to TMZ back in March, he revealed that his secret to shifting the weight was simply through cycling everywhere.

The weight loss has been noticeable...

But his most recent transformation is jaw-dropping.

It turns out that the actor has been hitting the gym recently... A lot.

And, despite his gradual weight loss over the years, fans have been left shook after seeing some pictures of the newly hench Ethan Suplee.

New year, new me...?

Suplee looked completely unrecognizable in his New Year's Instagram post showing off his newly ripped physique.

It seems that Suplee has bulked way out...

And the reason for his bulking was because of an acting role back in 2017.

He was initially deemed as "too thin"...

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His weight loss nearly cost him his role in Chance, where he worked alongside Hugh Laurie, as he told Entertainment Weekly back in 2017.

"Initially, the casting directors didn't want me to come in because I'd lost a bunch of weight. Apparently, they had proposed me a bunch of times, but the casting directors were like, 'No, he's too thin now.'"

This comment spurred Suplee to bulk since then...

He added:

"I'd gained a bunch of weight back because I actually didn't find being thin all that it's cracked up to be. So we convinced them that I was heavier again, and I went in, and that was that. I was heavy enough."

He went on to explain his cycling obsession...

"After My Name Is Earl, I started obsessively riding bicycles. I actually did get properly thin at one point - I was 9 percent body fat. But I was also riding a bicycle six to eight hours a day, 6 days. After 2 years of that, my wife said, 'Hey, idiot, you can't retire and ride bicycles. You have to go get a job,'" he said.

The industry no longer recognized him...

"So then [when I started looking for work], I found that people were like, 'Who are you? We don't know you. You're this new person.' So a couple of years ago I made the decision: I'm not going to kill myself to be thin when nobody knows me as a thin person, and I do think it is affecting the kind of jobs I'm getting," he explained.

But we must say...

He is looking pretty great. And fans can't believe his recent transformation pics...











Here's the photo.

Alongside the revealing image, he wrote:

"Last year I set a goal of having visible abs, here's where I got to. This year I would like visible obliques. It's going to be a wonderfully tough year. I have successfully lost weight with every diet I stuck to in the past 20 years, but my goal was never more than that, lose weight. @rpdrmike opened my eyes to "maintenance periods," and it's really been within these that my goals have been refined and pinpointed."

What an inspiration!