While I don't like lying, there are at least plenty of situations where I can understand why someone might lie. If you get pulled over, I know why you'd tell the cop you didn't see the speed limit sign, even if you totally saw the sign and just wanted to see how fast your brand new 2015 Kia Sorento can go.

But sometimes, people lie for no reason, and that I just can't wrap my brain around. And that includes literally everyone who lies on social media — think about the people who say they're in Paris but just photoshop themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower; the people who snap selfies of themselves "in traffic" but the reflection in their glasses shows clear roads ahead; the people who casually claim to have run a 5k in 10 minutes (even though that might be physically impossible).

There's literally nothing to be gained from lying on the internet. These people are only opening themselves up to be slaughtered by the defenders of truth who comment on their internet lies with snarky comments like "uhh okay dude..." Let's pay tribute to those heroes here, with these hilarious images of internet liars getting called out.

Liars especially should proofread their lies before they post.

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Here's the thing about this picture — the guy selling his couch clearly has some shame about his cat hair-covered sofa. You're not thinking about pets if it's actually clean of pet hair. I'm guessing this couch is white now.

Pretty incredible, my man.

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I don't remember how DC Comics hero The Flash got his powers, but I have to assume the first thing he did was post about his marathon time on Facebook.

The real victim here is this dog, and their reputation.

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Not only was this person so thirsty for internet points that they faked this photo, but they're also going to have to sweep up and re-stuff that pillow afterward! Who has this kind of time on their hands?

"Mommmmm, quit blowing up my lies!"

A comment on Reddit: I am a married man and my wife has stopped all interest in sex. Instead she has now become my hookup manager who manages my Facebook and Tinder page and gives me advice on how to get sex dates and get laid. Ask me anything. And the response: This is [that poster]'s mom, I'm sorry but he is not a married man, just a 16-year-old boy with a vivid imagination. Also please stop with the private messages, especially the explicit ones.

You know what happens when you assume...

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A comment left on a picture of this incredible sculpture: Is there an example of a female sculptor who committed herself to the same level of detail that a male does with a woman? A reply: None that come to mind. That sculpture is an act of worship before Heaven, and it shows. And then, the knockout reply: The sculptor is a Chinese woman you dork-a*** losers.

Well, we don't know who their mom is.

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The original post headline: I told my mom that I am a part of the biggest art Reddit and she was very proud. She wanted me to share her art with you all, hope you all enjoy :) The reply: That's a Bob Ross painting but okay. - Edgar_The_Pug_Bot

No moon has ever looked like that.

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A bruh moment on my local community group. - HaidaIsMyName

I don't know if I believe them...

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The original post to a local Facebook page: Hello! Found in [location]. PM if it's yours. A reply: Hi, thanks for picking up. I dropped this when walking this morning. Then, the original poster got back to them: Hello, I found it yesterday. Good to find the original owner...

What happens the first time someone calls and tries to book Jared Padalecki?

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And then Jared Padalecki himself responded, saying: this is incorrect. I am not represented by Alliance Agency and cannot be booked through them.

Really throwing this "grandma" under the bus.

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After this original poster saw someone link to the original version of this image (that their cousins clearly didn't post), they responded with: Wait what?! My grandma recently visited my cousins in Canada and when she got back my grandma got an email from them with these pics attached.

This cat also tolerates his lies in a way he never thought possible.

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The original post: My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible. The reply: This isn't your photo.

Maybe he was sick that day?

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The response: The US military forces you to get every single vaccine. Marine my ass.

Jeremy Lin is such a nice guy.

After Kenyon Martin spoke about Jeremy Lin's dreadlocks in an interview, saying, "Somebody need to tell him, like, 'alright bro, we get it. You wanna be black.' Like, we get it. But your last name is Lin," without noting that he himself has Chinese tattoos, Jeremy Lin himself responded: Hey man, it's all good. You don't have to like my hair and are definitely entitled to your opinion. At the end of the day I appreciate that I have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos because I think it's a sign of respect. And I think that, as minorities, the more we appreciate each other's cultures, the more we influence mainstream society. Thanks for everything you did for the Nets and hoops... had your poster up on my wall growin' up.

This would have been a nice sentiment without the laughing face emoji.

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No one called you ugly, we went to the same school. Just post your pic and go.

How deep does this go?

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Believe it or not, I've actually been on a plane that got so low, it touched the ground. Actually, come to think of it, every single airplane I've ever ridden on has performed one of these crazy sky-to-ground maneuvers, usually right at the very end.

Is this the same uncle who works at Nintendo and knows when the next Zelda game is coming out?

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Production of the Cybertruck doesn't begin until 2021. I'm not congratulating you on something that didn't happen.

"Hey Starbucks, instead of doing one thing, how about you do another thing that you're already doing?"

Back in 2017, radio host Mark Simone tweeted: Hey @Starbucks, instead of hiring 10,000 refugees, how about hiring 10,000 veterans? To which Starbucks replied: We're very committed to hiring veterans, Mark. We set a goal to hire 10,000 by 2018 and we've already hired 8,800.

Lousy millenials.

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What about the empty seat right behind you?

For our non-British readers, "chips" means "fries."

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And the owner responded: Our chips aren't soggy but when you have a cigarette and wait in your car for half an hour they will get soggy. Our turn over on orders is five minutes and our customers know how quick we are. We were happy to make you a new one but you refused and ate most of the chips in your car and threw the rest on the floor outside out shop. talk to me first to rectify a problem before you have a tantrum.

Who steals a grandpa's life for internet points?

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And then, the guy's actual grandkid chimed in: It's my Grandpa. The original poster stole my pic. He's alive and well. - c_h_u_c_k

Put in their place!

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And a bunch of their former classmates hopped in and replied: - You bullied. - I was going to say, you were bullied? - You definitely did some bullying lol - You were a piece of sh*t lol

It doesn't even fit in that Three Musketeer.

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This post, which was from april, garnered this reply: This was my post. I'm not surprised someone reposted it, but you couldn't have even waited until Halloween to put it back up?

This is... easily checked.

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No it's not. Swans have orange beaks and mallards are green, purple, and blue with yellow beaks. Not to mention that humans don't have grey hands.

Thou shalt not sully the name of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

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The best Twitterer out there, @ChrissyTeigan, hopped in to say: Not true and the photo on the right has been pulled from another recipe. How DARE you.

As if Elon Musk wouldn't catch this. He is incredibly online.

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And as he is wont to do, Elon Musk replied: This depressingly misleading and misanthropic article came from a very brief discussion at an AI conference, not from an interview with Wired as is falsely implied. This is why I stopped following Wired long ago. There are way better tech pubs out there.

Save space in your emergency preparedness kit by replacing water purifiers with crystals!

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Are you sure it's legal to claim a crystal "naturally purifies water"? It'll be tragic and hilarious when you get sued because someone gets Giardia drinking crystal-purified pond water.

So articulate for his age!

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Girl, a two-year-old ain't said no sh*t like that.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: fun's greatest enemy.

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And then the actual, honest-to-god dictionary@MerriamWebster — replied with a simple: Neil. Sorry bud, but they're the authority on words. Go back to trying to make people feel bad for liking Star Wars robots because they couldn't actually roll on sand.

Thou shalt not sully the name of Kroger pizzas either.

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That's pretty strange. I've gotten those Kroger pizzas many times and not once had a piece missing like that. Also, I see your pizza cutter is already out...

Daughter's friend's gotta learn.

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You punched my daughter's friend in the face when you thought she was videoing you.

Sounds like Kevin's lead quite the life...

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And then, the forum's moderator popped in to put this guy (named Kevin) in his place. Ahh Kevin... you're still posting questions... but not answering any I notice! Folks, to save your time, meet Kevin — he has the following.... A 16-year-old daughter 13-year-old son A three-year-old with an iPad Three kids (aged four, six, and nine) A 30-year-old son A 16-year-old son (I wonder if they're twins!) A girlfriend AND a wife of 10 years Fortunately, Kevin's account has now been BANNED!

The caption might as well have read, "Pity me, please."

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Her brother replied: You literally got a phone... A new iPhone to be specific.

To be fair, it is fun to whine.

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Society doesn't say that. You just want society to say that so you have something to whine about.

I'm about to ruin this man's entire career.

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He's not pissing in the trash? His hands are in his pockets? And that trash is the kind you have to hold open? You just saw a guy in short shorts reading a flyer and decided to lie and try to get internet points.

Who are you trying to convince here?

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I took the picture. The fawn didn't lose its mother. If you look at the original post, from which you took this picture, it explains that moments after the picture was taken, the mother returned to its fawn and they went off into the woods.

This is what they call "The Liar's Hat Trick."

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All three statements here are a lie: these sunglasses are not in a box; he is, as the commentor pointed out, wearing them in his profile pic; and they are his shape because he looks fabulous in them.

So cool that that hedge and outfit have been in the family for generations.

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The caption: "Wow look a picture of me and my grandma side-by-side." The reply: LMFAOOOOO WHO the f–– YOU THINK YOU FOOLINGS?

Rappers do not fly coach.

In Lil' Bow Wow's defense, he never indicated that he was on that private plane. He could have simply been describing his travel plans and posting arbitrary pictures.

Well someone had to draw it!

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Here's what I really don't get about this post — where did they come up with the "12 hours" number? Is that how long someone assumes who can't draw assumes it takes someone to make a drawing? Because most artists would never spend 12 hours on a drawing. They've got stuff to do.

Grandma was ready to believe all the bad stuff they say about marijuana.

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The caption: This is the lungs of a marijuana user. It's really sad what this dope can do to your body. Please be smart, put down the dope and pick up the hope. The reply: Nana, this is a picture of a walnut.

Why were they cracking eggs into muffin tins?

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The headline: My two dozen pack of eggs from Costco was 100 percent double yolks. The reply: Wow and they all had tow eggs worth of whites too, what are the chances

He likes the HBO show better.

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What I cannot understand, for the life of me, is why anyone would think this article would draw in readers. Does the Watchmen movie have a lot of supporters who would feel validated by this article? Has Mark Hamill jealously guarded the secret of his favorite movie for decades? Are there forums obsessed with finding that out?

When you're online, you can pretend to be anyone.

A question ask on the /r/Advice subreddit: I'm 15 and I just dropped out of school because my 18-year-old boyfriend to me to do. What can I do? The reply: Considering your post history includes a post titled "I got two girls pregnant. I'm 17 what should I do?" I'm going to suggest you stop lying for attention?

He'd know better than anyone.

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All right, my new goal is to be famous enough to own people who lie about me with a single tweet.

I like the lie version of the story better.

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The original poster's comment: These chairs were laid out for a wedding in 1939 in Poland. The wedding was abandoned, and so were the chairs due to the German invasion. They were found again after the war with the trees growing through them. Every year they are repainted. The reply: Yeah this is actually an art piece in Belgium.

Sometimes, you just get angry at restaurants you've never been to.

A review of a new restaurant, The Original Bierkeller Cardiff, on Facebook: The worst place I've ever been and the biggest rip-off. The Original Bierkeller Cardiff's response: We haven't even opened yet.

No way would that have made it past the banana inspectors.

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After the above picture was posted, this response went up: The original poster wrote this. The banana would have bruises around the letters if it came straight from the plantation. These letters look freshly-written. Also, these bananas are from Ecuador.

Were they just hoping he'd never see the article?

I don't necessarily want to call this a lie — a dark wizard could have enchanted Lance Armstrong's body to hold up a phone and scoff to throw everyone off the scent of their plan that somehow involves Lance Armstrong.

For now, let's just take it as read that pills do not cause weight loss on their own and if they suddenly did, it would be the biggest story in the world.

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Kevin Smith's response on Twitter: This is pure bullsh-t. I never did Keto: I went Vegan and then joined Weight Watchers to lose my weight. That quote doesn't sound like me either, as I've never jogged and the only pills I take are heart-related, I'm pretty sure they made it up. I feel like Homer when he found Mr. Sparkle!

With anti-vaxxers, everything is about vaccines, including puzzle-putting together skills.

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The original post on this picture: My two-and-a-half-year-old unvaxxed little one can finish a 25 piece puzzle all by himself. What have your unvaxxed babies done that has surprised you? The response: Notice how the puzzle pieces have never been separated.

Erm, that is someone's baby.

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After this tweet was posted, that baby's actual mom replied: So you're just gonna steal a picture of my son? Weird-ass b*tch.

I can't believe you've done this.

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What are you trying to pull here, sugar manufacturers? Not only is sugar the only product I don't want to be sugar-free, but this calls into question the credibility of every other product labeled "sugar-free."

Wow, you saw a famous painting? You must be the coolest!

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Someone on Facebook posted this picture and wrote: Last week I almost bought a Joan Miro painting worth $65,000 at an estate sale for $75. The guy had no clue what it was. On the real, invest in ART. Sure, it may look like a five-year-old did it, but in this game you learn a little bit about everything. But as a kind responder on Facebook pointed out, this painting is in the Guggenheim. That means it prrrrrobably couldn't have been in an estate sale.

Truly haunting.

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But if Dr. Stuart is dead, then who did I give a ride home to when I left the graveyard...?

At least he ended up with some great content.

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This lie is refreshing because if so many of these lies make me scratch my head because there would be no reason to lie about something so inconsequential, I can at least see that this dude was trying to make some sweet, sweet content.

She's in the endgame now.

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If this texter really did reach Chris Evans, he might say his name was "The First Avenger" or something. Captain America never went by "America's Ass."

Minimum wage makes people act fake?

If you're going to get murdered by words, you at least want your friend and loyal Jimmy Johns cow-worker to do it.

Nature is so beautiful.

Not to excuse this sister's blatant attempt to make her Insta followers think she's something she's not, but isn't a backyard technically in nature?

Santa got bodied.

Maybe all these liars should get together, have a weekly meetup maybe, where they run their lies by each other. They can ask if their lie makes sense, if anyone could possibly believe it, etcetera. Just an idea.

Learn the crop tool, my man.

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Okay, yes, the lie is frustrating, but he could have so easily gotten away with his catfish with just a second pass over his first draft!

Those in the past, sadly, had to go without electrolytes.

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A Tumblr user posted this picture and wrote the caption: Grocery store after midnight, 1979 But a commentor replied: There is literally a stand of Powerade right there. They did not have Powerade in 1979. Why y'all always lying?

Reddit makes it so easy to lie.

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The fact that there are so many sub-communities on Reddit means you can so easily take someone else's idea, label it your own, post it in another subreddit, and rake in those sweet, tasty internet points.

I would've guessed ketchup, but either way, gross.

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This guy texted that photo to a girl he liked, along with the message: Some guys were sh--talking about you so I tried to beat 'em up. Got f--ed up pretty bad, will you come over and take care of me? *sad emoji* And she said what we were all thinking: That's strawberry jam...

A brutal attack on the character of SoftSoap-brand soap.

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This photo got some replies, including one commentor saying: That's a refill bottle. I don't think it is meant to have a pump. And: I'm assuming the original poster put another softsoap pump onto the refill bottle. And finally: I have literally the same soap and for me it has a clear pump so ya.

Way to make an assumption, HuffPo.

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I like the idea that the Huffington Post was left devastated by Kimmel's tweet, not just because he sucker-punched them so good, but because they're just learning that talk show appearances aren't made up on the spot. It's like learning Santa isn't real, you know?

Pictures from the past are notoriously more valuable on the internet than pictures of today.

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As was pointed out by a Reddit user, you'll want to look at the wrist of this "'70s woman." She is, er, wearing a FitBit. Were those things invented in the '70s?

A "jab" is an injection. I had to look that up.

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The actual scientist behind this study actually responded to this tweet, saying: I am the principal scientist responsible for this study. This is a serious misinterpretation of our findings. We DID NOT develop a new drug, we studied a protein already present in the brain and described how it regulates feeding in mice.

Figure out those Facebook privacy setting before you lie.

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One bonkers thing liars do is put up lies where the people who know and experienced the truth can see it. Another dude at this party replied to this Facebook post, writing: Wouldn't brag about it dude, considering that's me, Eddie, and Bryan's empty beer cans. We gave you a Mike's Hard Lemonade which you sipped on all night and you acted like you were wasted, and then told us all you were allergic to beer. Why even post this obvious lie when you have us all on Facebook? Come on man.

Were they hoping someone thought they'd get credit for the photo?

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Someone posted this image with the headline: Her dad was leaving on a two-year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn't let go of her dad's hand, even when he stood in line. But the first comment pointed out: This is a screen grab from season four, episode 13 of the show Army Wives. This particular shot is from somewhere in about the last five minutes of the show.

They call this "kitty entrapment."

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But if you didn't want your cat to eat your yogurt, wouldn't you, you know, not put yogurt on the floor? As one commentor pointed out: Oops. Shouldn't forget your opened yogurt on the floor next time.