Every Season of ‘Glee’ Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

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That’s right guys and girls, the all-singing, all-dancing hit US TV show is coming to subscribing computer screens near you.

If there was ever a reason to borrow your ex’s Netflix password and mess with their algorithm, it’s this.

Did you stop believing that it was possible to watch every single episode of Glee back-to-back, over and over until your heart’s full?

For anyone who’s not seen Glee (yet), the show was created back in 2009 by Ryan Murphy (the same guy who brought you American Horror Story).

With Glee, Murphy set out to make a high-school-based, musical comedy that would address real issues facing the youth of the day. With narratives following both the marginal and the popular in the high-school food chain, Glee tackles topic after topic, in a non-preachy and meaningful way.

According to my calculations, watching the entirety of Glee back-to-back, without a pee break or time to play with your cat will take you five days and one hour. Give or take a couple of breaks and you’re looking at an entire week of heavy binging – Maybe even two if you care about your cat.

Not only does Glee offer high-standard comedy-drama, it’s also threaded together with really tight musical numbers.

Did you know that throughout the six seasons ofGlee the cast recorded a whopping 754 different songs and mash-ups?

If that was in hard copy CD form, well it’d be loads of CDs!

Glee was prolific for having a steady stream of A-list cameos, from Gwenyth Paltrow to Olivia Newton-John. Feel free to browse all of the classic Glee bangers on Youtube to get yourself ready for its return in June!

Anyone who’s anyone went to Mckinley High.

Glee was a family. Most of the cast were unknown before appearing in the show and it’s clear that they haven’t forgotten where they came from..

The complete box set of Glee will be available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure on a yet-to-be-announced date in June. Keep your eyes peeled!