44 Pics of Everyday Objects Like You've Never Seen Them Before | 22 Words

No matter how much time you've spent on this planet, there's always a new way to see things.

Some things are way bigger than you'd ever expect, while others are much smaller.

Basically, we live in a beautiful, interesting world.

If you enjoy getting new perspectives on everyday things, you're gonna love the photos we have here. Get ready to change the way you think!

A tube of toothpaste:

via: Twitter

So that's how all those swirly stripes look before they appear on your toothbrush. Who knew?

A gas pump:

via: Imgur

This looks way more complicated than I would have expected. Fascinating!

A Keurig coffee pod:

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Huh. I'll admit I've been curious about these!

A cabbage:

via: Imgur

Call me crazy, but this is maybe the most beautiful, mathematical vegetable I've ever seen. This next photo is also pretty amazing.

A DSLR camera:

via: Imgur

So many moving parts! I have a whole new respect for photographers.

A firework shell:

via: Reddit

OK, so fireworks aren't technically an everyday object. But maybe they should be! Every day is better with fireworks!

Shaving cream containers:

via: Reddit

I still have no idea how these work. But they look ideal for storing dinosaur DNA!


via: Imgur

I think I expected these to be one color all the way through. Nope!

A BBQ grill:

via: Reddit

So simple, yet so mesmerizing. This next photo legitimately surprised me.

Morel mushrooms:

via: Gfycat

I had no idea there was such a large empty space in morels! I guess you learn something new every day, huh?

DeadMau5's helmet:

via: Imgur

That's right, kids. Deadmau5 has been a human wearing a helmet this whole time.

A chipped credit card:

via: Imgur

Perfect. Next time my card doesn't work at the grocery store, I can at least explain that I know what it looks like on the inside.

A pinecone:

via: Reddit

If you had asked me to guess what this was a cross-section of, I don't think I would have guessed "pinecone" for about three hours.

A bowling ball:

via: Reddit

And all this time I just kinda assumed it was a solid ball made of a single material. I was wrong!

A tape measure:

via: Gfycat

You probably knew the tape coiled around inside, but did you know it was this densely packed?

A power strip:

New life goal: Get a water jet and cut everything in half with it.

A toilet:

via: Reddit

So many nooks and crannies! No wonder they get clogged sometimes.

A cactus:

via: Reddit

This is much more woody than I was expecting. And not at all prickly!

This is how a key opens a lock:

I don't know about you, but I am completely mesmerized. This next photo had pretty much the same effect.

A Barbie doll:

via: Reddit

For a woman who's constantly walking on her tiptoes, Barbie sure doesn't have much in the way of skeletal support. Just another reason why she's incredible, I guess.

A chocolate Drumstick:

via: Reddit

This confirms what we've known all along: The last bite is the best bite.

Lumber from a tree:

via: Imgur

This is an example of how lumber is cut from a tree. Because, you know — trees don't automatically come in lumber shapes.

A garbage disposal:

via: Wikimedia Commons

Leftovers don't stand a chance against this guy.

A turducken:

via: Reddit

It's a hen...in a duck...in a turkey. And it looks delicious. So does this next picture!

A croissant:

via: Imgur

Ah, yes. Here you can see all the wonderful, buttery layers of a perfect croissant.

A chair:

via: Reddit

It certainly doesn't look nearly as comfy without all the foam. But it's fascinating all the same!

A wasp nest:

via: Imgur

I'm not a huge fan of wasps or anything, but you have to admit their architecture is pretty stunning.

Boiled eggs:

via: Reddit

Here's a breakdown of what an egg looks like from minute to minute when placed in boiling water. If you ask me, 9 minutes is the sweet spot.

A paved road:

via: Reddit

This is impressive and all, but I don't think drivers are going to be too thrilled with the pothole this sample created. Next up is an undersea cable!

An undersea cable:

via: Imgur

This is somehow both more intense and less intense than what I imagined it to look like. Looks like it could probably stand up to just about anything the ocean threw at it.

A banana tree:

via: Imgur

I couldn't tell you the first thing about banana trees, but I can tell you that I had no idea they grew in spiral shapes!

A tortoise:

via: Reddit

So that's what a tortoise skeleton looks like! You learn something new every day!

An accordion:

via: Reddit

I'm not even going to pretend I understand what's going on here. But I am impressed by all of it.

An armadillo:

via: Reddit

Here's what an armadillo looks like when it's rolled into a ball and also is a skeleton. This next one might actually make you a bit angry.

A hotdog:

via: Reddit

OK, OK, nothing too mindblowing in this one. Still, you don't see hotdogs like this every day, do you? (If so, you should stop.)

A handheld vacuum cleaner:

via: Imgur

If you look closely, you can see the hair and other dirt particles it picked up! Cool! And gross!

A racecar:

via: Reddit

I, for one, am glad they didn't also decide to cut the racecar driver in half for this picture.

A shoe:

via: Reddit

These boots were made for walking. ...Until you went ahead and cut them in half, that is.

A cruise ship:

via: Reddit

Believe it or not, this is actually how the cruise ship company chose to add length to its ship: It cut the ship in half and added the space in the middle! Next up is one of your Instagram favorites.

Those amazing cakes you always see on Instagram:

via: Imgur

I had no idea they had some kind of jelly filling all this time. I feel like I've been missing out.


via: Imgur

I've got an idea! Let's X-ray more light bulbs.

A bowl of Ramen noodles:

via: Imgur

I'm pretty sure the ones I get have way more empty space in the bottom. Guess I'll have to cut it in half to check.

A walnut:

This looks a lot like a brain MRI, huh? I've always said walnuts are the brains of the nut world.

A hockey helmet and a football helmet:

via: Imgur

They look pretty similar from the outside, but they're actually quite different when you get the cross-section view! Share this with someone who always sees the world in a unique way!