It's nearly been over 7 months since we were introduced to the creepiest book nerd ever, aka Joe Goldberg, when Netflix's psychological thriller, You, hit our screens.

Let's be honest, we all love a good Netflix series to sink our teeth into, but You had us all on the edge of our seats, watching helplessly as Joe lured in his obsession and left a trail of death and destruction in his path.

While we all knew deep down that there would be no happy ending in the show, we do have some good news for its fans, as Netflix has renewed the show for a second season - and we've got all the answers to your burning questions.

Keep scrolling to find out everything that you need to know about You Season 2.

You first hit our screens on 26th December.

Having previously been released on Lifetime in September, the tantalizing physiological thriller came to Netflix on boxing day and followed bookstore manager and erm, sociopath, Joe, in his romantic pursuit of his latest obsession.

It certainly made for cheerful viewing after the festivities.

Who doesn't love a good spine-tingling thriller to cure their post-Christmas blues?

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.

And it seems equally as hellish as the TV adaption.

The world watched as we saw Joe creepily seduce his love interest.

It made for uncomfortable viewing as we helplessly witnessed writing student, Guinevere Beck, fall victim to Joe's manipulation and all-around relentless pursuit of her affection.

Joe's actions escalate from extremely questionable to full-blown terrifying.

At first, we see him persistently checking through Beck's social media accounts, which quickly develops into actual, real-life stalking.

But he was nowhere near finished.

Despite the pair becoming romantically involved, it never seemed to be enough to satisfy his disturbing obsessions.

He tried everything in his power to keep her with him.

Including, by the end of the series, murdering pretty much all of her closest acquaintances.

It all quickly started to fall apart...

When Beck got the feeling that Joe was being, well, creepy, which eventually lead to him spilling all - it didn't end well. And by "didn't end well," we mean he held her hostage in the cellar of the bookstore. Yep.

The nail-biting finale gave us an explosive ending to season 1.

Though she put up a good fight, Beck simply knew too much about Joe's horrifying obsessions, so she had to go.

We then saw the cycle begin again.

Once he'd got rid of Beck, Joe relentlessly moved onto the next love interest that he could win over.

Fans of the show were delighted by the news that Joe will be heading back to our screens.

Netflix has confirmed that season 2 is definitely happening. Here's everything you need to know...

The second season is based on Kepnes’ second novel, Hidden Bodies.

Season 2 will follow Joe as he leaves New York City (and all the destruction and, well, dead bodies, behind), and relocates to Los Angeles.

After settling down in the city, he finds a new love interest.

It doesn't take Joe long to seek out his new obsession - a girl named Love Quinn, played by Haunting of Hill House star, Victoria Pedretti.

Wondering how the pair meet? Well...

The 2 meet and bond over the fact that they are both grieving a recent, devasting loss. Although we all know that Joe has literally just murdered Beck.

And this season is set to be even darker than the last...

According to You's showrunner, Sera Gamble, the upcoming season is even more twisted and creepy than the first - which we didn't even know was possible. “I would say that season 2 of You, kind of, doubles down on some of the stuff that you might come to expect," she explained. Moving the show to Los Angeles brought out a whole different side of Joe Goldberg."

There's one scene, in particular, that's set to be extremely gory.

Gamble teased the new level of gore, saying: “At least one scene comes to mind that’s gorier and scarier than anything we had in season 1." “You will know it when you see it. Episode 2 of the season has my single favorite shot that I have been a part of in my entire career. My career is full of blood and gore and monsters. It’s also beautifully shot and the director who shot the second episode lavished a lot of love. "Joe is forced to do something he really doesn’t want to do."

Pen Badgley, who plays Joe, also admitted that there's a whole new level of gore in the second season.

“There are some things I’ve done with prosthetic bodies in this [new] season that were kind of nauseating as I did them, I will say that," he told Entertainment Tonight.

But Joe must face what he did to Beck.

Badgley explained that his character "must face the reality of his actions after killing Beck." “There’s a revisitation of that with Joe in the second episode of the second season, where you get to see a bit more of the hard reality of what he did to her. Whereas you’re sort of, for better or worse, mercifully saved from seeing that in the first season."

We'll also be introduced to some new faces in season 2.

Victoria Pedretti is set to play Love Quinn and comedian, Chris D’Elia, is joining the cast - signed on to star as Henderson, “a designer hoodie, black Ray-Bans, expensive sneakers-wearing famous comedian with a ‘hard-life-lessons man-of-the-people’ thing working for him."

Season 2 is already filming.

Back in February, Netflix shared a photo to Twitter from the first table read of You season 2. As for when we'll get to watch it, the date is (sadly) yet to be announced. Although, the season is expected to premiere sometime in 2020. In the meantime, if you're desperate for some more binge-worthy Netflix content, don't worry, as we've ranked the best shows on the streaming platform. Thank us later...