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After more than a year, Netflix's highly controversial teen-drama, 13 Reasons Why is back for a third season.

The series, which first debuted in 2017, originally focused its plot on the suicide of student, Hannah, and who's to blame for her untimely death. But, with the show's unnecessarily graphic and, quite frankly, insensitive, portrayal of mental health and suicide - it sparked more controversy than it did praise.

And when the show was renewed for a second season, the outrage didn't stop, with more disturbing and graphic scenes awaiting viewers.

Much to the disbelief of many, the show was renewed for a third season, which hits the streaming platform today.

For those who are planning on watching, keep scrolling to find out everything that you need to remember from season 2 ahead of today's premiere.

13 Reasons Why is one of the most talked-about Netflix shows.

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The show, which centers on the suicide of Hannah Baker, has evoked some pretty strong reactions from viewers. Spoiler alert: people haven't exactly been filled with praise for the dark teen drama.

The first season is based on the 13 reasons that led to Hannah taking her own life.

Just before she ended her life, the student taped 7 cassettes. Each tape was dedicated to an individual reason that contributed to her untimely death.

It's was then up to Clay to understand the tapes.

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The show follows Clay's journey to discovering why Hannah committed suicide.

Clay soon discovers something about the tapes...

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As he listened to the tapes, he soon realized that there are sides each dedicated to a person whom Hannah claims contributed to her death.

Season 1 ends with a graphic scene showing us Hannah's tragic suicide.

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Up until this point, though it had been referred to, we had never actually seen the moment that Hannah takes her own life. But the season ends with an extremely graphic scene showing Hannah self-harming and eventually bleeding out into the bathtub before her devastated parents walk in to find her lifeless body.

The scene faced floods of criticism.

Many people slammed the show for the unnecessarily graphic suicide scene, which detailed a common method of suicide to a young, impressionable, and potentially vulnerable audience.

Not to mention the fact that there was no obvious trigger warning.

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Which was the least that they could do. Many people also argued that the show depicted no alternative to suicide and therefore glamorized mental illness.

The scene caused so much of a stir that it's since been removed.

After coming under fire, the streaming giant chose to edit out the graphic scene. "…So on the advice of medical experts… we’ve decided with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her own life from season 1."

Some people disagreed with its removal...

Like this user, who believes that removing the scene takes away from the severity of suicide and the heartbreak and devastation that it causes.

Despite the backlash, the show was renewed for a second season, which wasn't shy of controversy either.

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The second series directly followed on from season 1, following Hannah's family, friends, and classmates as they attempt to deal with her death and move on with their lives.

This time, the season focuses mainly on Hannah's family, as they file a lawsuit against the school.

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Her parents claimed that the school failed to do anything about their daughter's declining mental state, and failed to recognize the warning signs in the weeks and days leading up to her death.

But the season came under fire for another controversial scene...

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Clearly, producers hadn't learned their lesson as, in the season finale, there was a highly distressing and controversial rape scene. In the scene, viewers watched in horror as 3 students rape student photographer-outcast, Tyler. The students corner him into a bathroom, beat him up, bend him over a toilet and brutally sexually assault him with a mop handle.

Viewers couldn't believe what they had watched...

To make matters even more brutal, Tyler had just returned to the school after receiving treatment for his social issues and violent tendencies and appeared to be well on the way to recovery. The distressing scene, which ended with Tyler lay crying on the floor, had viewers disgusted and left feeling extremely uncomfortable. Although others defended the scene, saying that people don't like the show because it makes people talk about taboo issues like rape, suicide, and sexual assault.

Today, season 3 arrived on Netflix.

Now that Hannah's story has come to an end, the latest season will focus on the mystery over who killed Bryce Walker. And for those who'll be watching, here's everything you need to remember before embarking on the newest season...

Let's start off with Clay Jenson.

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After talking a traumatized Tyler out of taking down the school and shooting his rapists, Clay convinced him to get into a getaway car outside of the school with Tony Padilla, while he drove away with the guns in tow. And when it comes to the Hannah situation, Clay was finally able to get some closure after speaking at her funeral and being featured twice on the late student's "11 Reasons Why Not" list.

Hannah's family were left broken.

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After losing the lawsuit against the school regarding their daughter's death, Oliva Baker, Hannah's mom, moved to New York City and divorced from her husband.

There was a major discovery about Zach Dempsey.

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The student spends most of the second season helping his friend, Alex Standall, in his recovery after a suicide attempt. However, Zach also turned out to be the guy behind all of the polaroids exposing the baseball team’s Clubhouse.

The majority of season 2 focuses on Jessica's recovery.

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The season focuses on Jessica finally gaining the courage to report Bryce to the police. We watched her give a tear-jerking speech at his hearing, which helped her to get some closure, despite his far-from-harsh sentencing. It should also be noted that Jessica got back together with Alex but still hooked up with her ex, Justin Foley, at the Spring Fling. At the same dance, Bryce’s girlfriend, Chloe, also tells Jessica that she’s pregnant.

Justin Foley's substance abuse.

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Throughout season 2, Justin struggled with drug addiction, after being helped off the streets by Clay and Tony. Not to mention the fact that he also stole money from his mom's dealer boyfriend, Seth - a loose end that's yet to be resolved. Despite helping Jessica come forward about her terrible rape, Justin was arrested alongside Bryce and sentenced to 6 months in custody. But that wasn't the end... While he was awaiting trial, his mom went missing, so, in order to be released to a guardian, the Jensens took him in and made plans to adopt him as their own.

Finally, we've got Bryce Walker.

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Bryce was only sentenced to 3 months probation for raping Jessica, and so, given the backlash, chose to move to a private school. But now we know that Bryce Walker is dead, so who knows what will happen next? 13 Reasons Why Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix now. Speaking of controversies, the streaming giant has turned the Fyre Festival scandal into a horror series. Keep scrolling to get all the details...