Over the weekend, Ewan McGregor's daughter was shockingly attacked by a dog but still managed to appear at a movie premiere only thirty minutes later.

Clara McGregor showed up to the premiere of The Birthday Cake just minutes after being discharged from the emergency room.

"When a dog bite lands you in the ER thirty mins before the red carpet," she wrote on Instagram, sharing some photos of her before and during her appearance on the red carpet.

One of them was even taken while she was sat on the hospital bed.


You can see the bloody lacerations across her nose and cheek and they look painful AF. Ouch.

Even though they still look pretty raw, Clara managed to get herself together just in time for the premiere of The Birthday Cake, a film she co-produced. Her father, Ewan also stars in the upcoming crime drama.

​Dressed in an oversized beige suit, the twenty-five-year-old walked the red carpet in style.


You wouldn't think she had just suffered a dog attack moments before, would you?

Clara posed for multiple photos alongside other celebrities and public figures that came to support the movie.


​While she didn't provide any further details about the attack, she seemed to have thrown it to the backseat of her mind. And thankfully, she seemed fine the entire night.

You've got to love her spirit and optimism!

Her latest project, The Birthday Cake, ​tells the story of a  man whose life changes on the 10th anniversary of his father's mysterious death as he finally begins to piece together what actually happened.

It hits theaters on June 18th.