Ex-Navy Seal Shows Chris Evans his ‘Captain America’ Glass Eye

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Captain America, aka Chris Evans, got the surprise of his life last week on Capitol Hill in Washington when he met House Representative Dan Crenshaw.

Instead of a political discussion on issues of national importance, he was instead faced with a touching tribute to his Marvel character in the shape of a glass eye detailed with the Captain America logo.

Crenshaw, a veteran of the US Navy, lost his right eye after being hit by an IED blast in Afghanistan and is normally seen wearing an eye patch. But clearly, he couldn’t resist briefly removing the patch to show Evans his custom made Captain America insignia.

But how did Chris react to this unusual homage?

Dan Crenshaw served in the Navy SEALs for ten years.

His service included three tours of duty and he reached the rank of lieutenant commander during his successful career in the military service.

He was injured in Afganistan in 2012.

He was serving in the Helmand Province when he was injured by the detonation of an improvised electronic device. He lost his right eye completely and had to have surgery to save the sight in his left one.  

Despite this, he went on to be deployed several more times.

Both in Bahrain and South Korea before medically retiring in 2016. Clearly this is a man who knows no fear.

And there was no quiet retirement for this soldier.

No siree, this dude was just getting started on his life’s mission. Next stop, politics.

In 2018, he ran for the United States House of Representatives in Texas’s 2nd congressional district.

The main issues that he stated he wanted to tackle were immigration and border security. On November, 6 he was elected, beating Democrat Todd Litton.

His journey to being elected was not without hitches.

His policies were compared to those of President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders and he was accused of making statements that were critical of President Donald Trump.

But it may have been his unusual appearance that saved the day.

Three days before the election, comedian Pete Davidson joked on Saturday Night Live that Crenshaw looked like: ‘a hit man in a porno movie,’ going on to explain that he had ‘lost his eye in war or whatever.’ Unsurprisingly he was highly criticized for this and Crenshaw gained a lot of sympathies from the American public. Could this have been the reason for his win?

His heartfelt and calm response probably didn’t hurt either.

Standing up for war veterans is only ever going to help your political campaign and it definitely helps that Crenshaw knows their daily suffering better than anyone.  

He is clearly a fan of The Avengers franchise.

Here he is dressed up as Thor for Halloween. He does actually have the build to pull this costume off. Must have been the years of training in the Navy.

He is also known for being proud to be an American and to have served his country.

He totally rocked this Navy SEAL inspired eye patch to the State of the Union last month.

So we bet meeting the real-life Captain America would be too good an opportunity for him to miss.

Even if only to talk about their shared love of the Marvel franchise.

And last weekend he got to do just that.

Crenshaw met Chris Evans, aka Captain America, in the flesh last week on Capitol Hill in Washington. This is the second time that Evans has visited Washington this year to discuss issues of national importance.

And we bet that Dan couldn’t wait to show off his Captain America-inspired glass eye.

His glass eye is painted with the design of Captain America’s shield, which in the film, is virtually indestructible due to being made from Vibranium and steel alloy.

After the meeting, Rep. Crenshaw posted this tweet.

We wonder if he was more excited about meeting Chris Evans and the publicity that would go with it or having the opportunity to show off his eye in all its glory to the man who inspired its design.  

In a move that shocked some, Chris posted this encouraging tweet about the occasion.

Making reference to the fictional metal that is used to make his shield, Chris was clearly pleased to meet Dan and check out his one of a kind glass eye.

Although some were not happy about this.

Are my eyes deceiving me? Did Chris Evans just pose alongside Dan Crenshaw? Of his own accord? Whatever happened to political solidarity? Evan’s is the nephew of former Republican Mike Capuano and has long been known for taking a public stand against what he sees as political injustice.

But others saw the bigger picture.

Isn’t it better to have an open dialogue and friendly manner with those who share different views to yourself? Surely the best way for change to happen is with an open and honest conversation between opposing sides? And politics aside, clearly they are both massive Captain America fans.

Chris also met with Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

In particular, they talked about the importance of looking after war veterans; a conversation that we are sure that Crenshaw also wanted to be involved in.

And Senator Tim Scott.

They discussed important state issues such as education and criminal reform, but couldn’t help but also discuss the ending of the last Avengers movie which saw half of the main superheroes turn to dust.  

And apparently Chris even shared insider Avenger’s info with him.

Come on Tim, you can trust us. We need to know what happens in Avengers: Endgame! The suspense is killing us.

Ted Lieu is also clearly a fan of the actor.

Now serving as the U.S Representative for California’s 33rd congressional district, Ted Lieu previously served in the United States Air Force from 1995 to 1999.  

Representative Kevin Brady also tweeted about the significance of meeting Chris.

Sometimes it can be awkward seeing Hollywood stars voice their opinions about political issues but Chris seems to really care about his country and the problems that it faces. #TryingToMakeAChange

In fact, Chris has always been outspoken about his political beliefs, especially his dislike of President Donald Trump.

You only need to check out his Twitter feed to feel his anger.

And clearly, his contempt stretches to all those who support Trump as well. Vice President Pence, we’d steer well clear of the Avengers: Endgame premiere if we were you.

Basically, this tweet sums his feelings up nicely.

Don’t hold back now Chris. Tell us how you really feel. But seriously, whatever your political views and whether you agree with Chris or not, it’s damn nice to see someone speak so passionately about their beliefs and who actually gives a sh*t about how their country is run.

He even took on Kayne West.

Which was a long time coming to be fair. If we have to hear one more mindless rant from Mr. West about issues he clearly knows nothing about, we will lose the plot. Seriously. We thank you, Captain America, for saving our sanity. Even if it’s only until his next incessant ramblings.

And all this as well as starring in six Marvel movies as the amazing Captain America.

Including Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers and the most recently Avengers: Infinity War.

Not to mention the wildly anticipated Avengers: Endgame which is out next month.

Research indicates that this fourth Avengers film will debut with a weekend box office record of around $282 million. That’s even more than the last installment, Avengers: Infinity War which $258 million in its opening weekend.

And incase you haven’t seen it…

Here is the official trailer. We literally can’t wait!

And back to the Captain America shield glass eye.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is not the only war veteran to have one. Army Sergeant Thomas Block also has a glass eye with Captain America’s shield. Block was also injured in Afghanistan.