Ah, expectations. What a fraught and complicated concept. Charles Dickens wrote a rather a thick book about expectations (Great Expectations). But thick books by dead men are not why we are here today. We are here today to explore the concept of expectations and explain how even the slightest bit of hope that something will turn out a certain way can be crushed into oblivion by the heavy weight of reality.

Although it sucks, it is true: Reality is never as good as –let alone better than– your expectations. Much of this is the fault of the companies who falsely advertise their products. And yet, somehow people all over the world are duped every single day into buying things that do not look like the picture.

Here are some of the most offensive examples of expectations vs. reality that we could find.

Sometimes things don't work out the way you think they will.

Honestly, that's OK. A part of growing up is realizing that life will not always treat you fairly. But that doesn't stop these incidences from being truly horrifying.

Smiling terror

This is a warped funhouse version of this snack, which, based on the description, I would still totally eat.

Cookie brittle

Well, that is nowhere near the number of chocolate chips that they show on the bag!

Fish pillow

Look, when you order a giant fish pillow to cuddle with, you better get a giant fish pillow that you can cuddle.


Who knew these leggings would exceed all expectations, by eliminating your need for a shirt?! I think this person should absolutely wear these in public.

Muffin promises

At first, I was like, "Why is this muffin green?!" but then I saw that zucchini is the number one ingredient. Come on, folks. What are we doing here?

Bear mask

It looks like this bear mask endured a high-speed journey through a wind tunnel. Like, what is going on here?

Ding dong

This might be the saddest Ding Dong I've ever seen. But, I'm sure I would still eat it.

Painting class

I never thought I'd say this, but Bob Ross was wrong. This painting is not a happy accident. It's a portal to hell.

Microwave meal

Is that one long noodle? If so, I'm not even mad. I'm just impressed.

Pasta dish

Pasta is great. And typically, it is really hard to ruin pasta. But, somehow these people did it.

Naked Pop-Tarts

If you are a sociopath who buys purposely unfrosted toaster pastries, that's one thing. When you intentionally buy the frosted pop-tarts and receive this, well, that's just sad.


Macarons are a hard pastry to bake! Clearly.

Onesie cake

This cake doesn't look so much like a baby onesie as it does a diseased mouse. Look! Now you'll never unsee it.

Raccoon cookie

Oh, this sad little raccoon! The nose looks more like a mouth open in fright since it's off center.

Chocolate croissant

Listen, if I buy something that's supposed to have chocolate in it, it's because I need chocolate. If it doesn't have chocolate in it, I'm going to scream. That's just what's going to happen.

Perfect cake

Nothing on this box should claim to be "perfect" after this monstrosity popped out of it. Holy heck this is upsetting.

Scary face pancake

Hey, at least the real pancake lives up to its name. That is the scariest thing I have seen in a long time.

Broccoli cuts

Where are all the little trees! The best thing about broccoli is that you can pretend to be a giant while eating all the little trees.

Corgi butt

Oh, no. This is horrible, and yet I cannot seem to look away from the butthole. What is it doing? How is it drawing me in like this? Let me go!

View from the top

Ah yes, the majestic mountain view from the Eagles' nest in Germany. Oh, but you cannot see it because of the fog. But, believe us, it's majestic.

Pepperoni panini

Is that a piece of string cheese? I will flip out if that's a piece of string cheese.

Reese's bat

The Reese's shapes are a joke. None of them ever look like the object they're supposed to look like. But it literally does not matter because they are delicious.

Oreo bar

Good humor isn't the brand. It's what they're pleading with you to have when you open the wrapper and see this travesty.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

This truly hurts my heart to see. That is a bad haircut! The hairdresser should never be allowed to cut hair again.

Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake

Olive Garden?! How could you play us like that, Olive Garden?! I thought that when I was there, I was family. Clearly, that's not the case.

Oh, you wanted flowers?

Oh, we didn't realize that when you ordered the luscious bouquet full of flowers, that you wanted a luscious bouquet of flowers. You have to be more specific about these things!

Lasagna puddle

That might be the saddest looking lasagna I have ever seen. Garfield would not approve.

Donut spider

Oh the left, we have an adorable donut spider. On the right, we have donut spider's more terrifying, unpredictable cousin.

Pumpkin despair

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