These Expensive Things Are Actually Worth Every Penny | 22 Words

On many things in life, it's wise to save your pennies and opt for the off-brand or cheaper version. Most of the time, you can't even tell the difference between them.

But sometimes you totally can.

Those are the times that it's totally worth it to shell out a bit more money.

A recent AskReddit thread gave people the opportunity to share what things they're willing to splurge on. A little less money in the coffers for a better quality of life? I'm in! Here are 19 things you should feel totally comfortable splurging on (within reason, of course):

If you experience winter, don't skimp on the coat.

Quality cold weather clothing. One of those things you don't fully appreciate until you really need it. Then it's worth every penny.Slowjams

Considering how much time I spend in bed, this one is essential.

A good pillow. Because sleep is awesome. Good sleep is even better.Heishayden

Nobody wants blisters.

Good footwear. You can spend a lot of time on your feet so you want to be comfortable. Also, people will judge you by your shoes, it's stupid, it's weird, but it's a fact.LoveandBonor

Attention all drivers!

A dashcam. If you're ever in an accident and need to prove you weren't at fault, it can save you so much time and insurance money.CaffeineFiend72 This next suggestion is more for entertainment purposes...

Pay to play.

Headphones. You discover your favorite songs again!pudim256

Here's a new perspective on tattoos:

A beautiful tattoo when you have physical deformities. I have surgical scars all over my body from being a very sick kid. I have a chest deformity so my chest plate sticks out and my ribs are too tight. My skin is strange looking from skin grafting. Scars on my chest, neck, thighs, stomach, and arms. I'm also deaf which affects everything I do. I also had severe cystic acne so there's scarring from that. I didn't have a choice in any of these ugly and very permanent things. So for the first time in my life, I got to choose what I wanted to do with my own body and tattoos help me love my body more even though I only have two. Older people say "You ruined your skin!" I'm like, "You're kidding me, right?"defymirmir

These boots were made for workin'.

Great work boots. Yeah, the initial cost is really high but that few hundred bucks will save you that amount of money by not having to replace work boots every year or half year. A good pair of boots will last you most of your lifetime if you take care of them. Even if you work a white-collar job, at some point you're going to want work boots.nocontroll

I can see the logic here.

Lasik surgery. Best 3 thousand I've ever spent. Where else in the world can you buy a f**king level-up like in a video game? Vision +80 points. I used to be blind as a bat and now I can read soda can labels from across a football field.BrianneBrid

If it's good enough for Han...

Sleep study and/or a CPAP. Years of miserable non-sleeping leading to exhausted days and a grouchy partner resolved for under a grand._YouAreTheWorstBurr_ And now for something that's good for you and for the environment...

Invest in the environment.

A quality water filter on the tap and a good reusable water bottle. Because there's way too many plastic water bottles junking up the world.SuzQP

Perfect if you're kinda lazy (or just need an extra set of hands).

A cleaning service. I'm one of those people who is absolutely terrible at keeping up with household chores. For $50 a visit, I get to come home to a sparklingly clean home, which genuinely does wonders for my mental health.Notmiefault

Never. Skimp. On TP.

Good toilet paper. Some things you should never go cheap on and this is definitely one of those things.schexy01

Straight teeth and confidence? Yes please!

Braces. Man, my grill was jacked up before I got my braces. Had them on for 3 years. Once they were off, my confidence skyrocketed and I was doing things and talking to people like never before. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am today if I hadn't gotten all of that confidence from newly straightened teeth.Texas_FTW

This one's important!

Quality condoms. On an unrelated note, I'm gonna be a dad.armorreno Hmm. Something tells me that might not be unrelated. Next up is an addition to your bathroom that so many people swear by...

In the same vein as the TP:

A powered bidet attachment. It's a few hundred bucks, but it's worth every penny.ribond86

A worthy expense.

Traveling. It's expensive but nothing makes me happier. –Coconuts0410

Home is where your stuff is.

A house. No shared walls, no one living above or below me, space for the dogs to run around, space to buy and put things I genuinely like, and so on. I love it. Does it suck to have to take care of everything if it breaks? Yeah. But the feeling of being able to say "This is mine. I own this. I can f**k this up however I want to" is so worth it.wittyname83

The best part of waking up!

Good coffee beans. It's nice to start the day with something enjoyable instead of coffee being simply a necessity or routine. The better the bean, the more interesting/complex flavor profile. Plus it's fun exploring different regions, roast types, etc.Java13

When you put it that way...

High-quality underwear. Sure, you can just wear 3-pairs-for-$10 drawers, and they're fine...but having some high-quality fabric gently cradling your nethers is just sublime.Lemesplain I know we already covered good work boots, but this next person has a great point about footwear in general.

Keep those feet looking fly.

Good footwear. You can spend a lot of time on your feet so you want to be comfortable. Also, people will judge you by your shoes, it's stupid, it's weird, but it's a fact. –jssmd

If it makes your life better, it's probably worth it.

Anything that makes your job easier. I got a $175 chef's knife a few months ago that I use every day at work.Breyos

You use it every night!

A good mattress. Your quality of life improves a lot by sleeping well. –hhuerta

Safety first!

Cab fare after drinking. Both driving and walking are cheaper but worse options.Scrappy_Larue

Sorry, ma'am.

Real, honest-to-God maple syrup. Mrs. Butterworth just can't cut it after having the real thing.kevtino Looking for a new pair of socks? This next person has you covered.

Socks! Socks! Socks!

If you do a lot of walking, Merino Wool Socks. Amazingly comfy and cozy but keep your feet cool and dry when you start to sweat. Between £15 - £20 a pair but totally worth it. –div2691

You'll never get tired of new tires.

Good tires. I just changed mine to Michelin for the first time, and my drives are so much better.FlyingNeonPoop

See the world!

Traveling. It's expensive, but nothing makes me happier.Coconuts0410

Make your mark.

Quality art supplies. Cheap stuff can do the trick, but expensive is more reliable, and just feels so much better (and looks better most of the time).Mibbsie

Take care of your brain, too!

Therapy. It's so valuable to stay mentally healthy.CommonDeviation This next tip is for people who eat canned food. That's pretty much everyone, right?

Don't settle for a can't opener!

A nice can opener. I bought one off Amazon for 20 bucks and it has been incredible. Gone are the days of half-opened cans and a can opener that can barely cut.Sasha_The_Gray

Let's go buy a bike.

A nicer bike. $100 Walmart bikes pretty much actively discourage you from riding, whereas if you have a decent hybrid or road bike from a bike shop you won't be able to stay off of it.karlzhao314

Now it's even more magical!

Staying in an on-premises hotel when visiting Walt Disney World. The transportation system means some people can leave the part early and some can stay late. Extra Magic hours let you go on the popular rides with little or no line.ChangeMyDespair

If you travel a lot, this is totally worth it.

TSA Pre-check. Worth the $85 for five years!!!dystrudept

As someone who moved recently, I wholeheartedly agree with this:

Hiring movers. I moved from one apartment to another in downtown Chicago and the time between the truck showing up at the old place and leaving the new place was about an hour. Every single thing was taken down from a fourth-floor walk-up and up on freight elevators and I didn’t have to do squat. Would have been even faster but the truck had to wait 10 minutes for the loading dock to open at the new place.tallsteve15 This next item is a very sound investment for music lovers.

Protect your ears!

If you're into your music or frequent music festivals, then a quality set of earplugs. Protect your hearing guys!Kry-wolf

Shed some light.

Good, BRIGHT lamps. Seriously, get the brightest lightbulbs. A bright home is much nicer than a dull one. you can never match sunlight-brightness, but get a lot of bright (LED!) lamps and you'll be happier. I'm serious!ts_asum

Yeah. You do not want to skimp on this one.

Sushi. It's just so delicious, especially from a good sushi place. I know a lot of people turn their nose up at it because all they hear is "raw fish." But just give it a try if you like seafood.HFPerplexity

Have a seat.

A good office chair! Either for gaming or actual office work. It does wonders for your back.Patzzer

Thanks for your support.

A GOOD bra!! Trust me — once you find a really good one, buy at least two more.gkiltz

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