Extra Long Toenails Are the Latest Trend This Summer | 22 Words

Summer is well and truly here and so are the weird fashion trends. I'm not just talking about sleeveless tees and short-shorts, which are already weird enough. I'm talking about incredibly weird fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for experimenting and all that other good stuff, but what I'm not here for is uncomfortable and awkward fashion.

Cue the extra-long toenails. No, not normal length toenails. We're talking about long-ass pointy acrylic toenails.

I can assure you, it only gets worse when you actually see the pictures...

Weird summer fashion trends have become a thing now.


Every time summer comes around, we're cracking out the sun lotion and, of course, clothing that we could never get away with wearing in any other season.

Everyone uses summer as an excuse to wear what they want...

It seems like you can get away with anything, even wearing a goddamn trenchcoat!

But there are weirder trends that have emerged.

And yes, I'm talking about this whole "long toenail" thing. Have you seen it yet?

Having long, luxurious fingernails has always been popular.

There's nothing better than a fresh coat of paint on long fingernails. Or maybe a sparkly set of acrylics. I can definitely support that.

There are some things that I cannot support, though.

I'm really not here for seeing the whole of my social media plastered with snaps of long toenails.

And people have opted for weird styles too.

From natural toenails to acrylics, there seems to be no end to this. Here are a bunch of the most... interesting ones that I've seen. Please hold your laughter and/or possible disgust until the end.

Firstly, we have pretty short but sturdy nails.

These are actually quite cute! And they aren't long enough to cause too many problems.

I'd say that these are pretty acceptable too.

Though the big toenails are slightly pushing it...

Now we're getting to the risky ones.

These are the tamer the ones that I'm about to show you...

For some reason, these make me uncomfortable.

Maybe it's the spreading of the toes.

And now we're reaching extremely risky territory...

This user (@rosna_footmodel) has dedicated a whole account to posting pictures of her feet with long toenails.

There seems to be a gap in the market for them...

No wonder this trend has taken off.

And it seems as if this user has gone to extreme lengths with a classic.

See what I did there? I've never been so strongly opposed to a French manicure in my life.

Now we've reached the extreme.

Toenails or claws? I can't decide.

I wouldn't even try putting my feet into shoes with these!

Painful or what?

You must need to get permission from the authorities to have these, right?

I'm sure that they are a health and safety hazard.

And other people are also not impressed with this particular trend.

Steve knows what he's talking about.

Samantha feels pretty strongly about this issue.

A little too strongly maybe.

And so does Camilla.

We don't trust 'em either!

I only have one question...

How do you wear shoes with those long-ass things?!