19 Extremely Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Laugh | 22 Words

We at 22 Words are purveyors of the weird and the wonderful.

This is a collection of freaky pics. Some will make you gasp. Some will make you laugh.

Others will make you turn your head and drop your jaw.

But one thing is for certain: You will not be able to stop scrolling through this bizarre collection of oddities. Without further ado, here is...

This confused cat

via: Reddit

Where does the hairless cat end and the raw chicken begin? We may never know.

This peanut butter head

via: Reddit

Is he preparing to be attacked by a dog? Why would one do this?

This unreadable sign

There are so many things wrong with this sign. As a lover of grammar, I cannot even begin to explain how heartwrenching this is.

These "barely there" jeans

via: Reddit

"Barely there" indeed. How much do you want to bet they still cost at least $100? The next one is truly unsettling...

This reverse hand

via: Reddit

At first, it seems like a normal photo of a hand gripping a water bottle. But upon closer inspection, this photo is far from normal and far from OK.

This smelly shampoo

via: Reddit

Why is this a thing?! The only scenario this makes sense for is if you're trying to avoid vampires, and they're not real.

This chainmail octopus

via: Reddit

"Hello, yes, um, excuse me, can you hear me?" *octopus nods* "I just have one question. Um. WHY?!"

This spooky Sesame Street character

via: Reddit

This is what happened when Bert left Ernie. Ernie became so depressed he stopped going out, started getting terrible circles under his eyes, and stopped washing his clothes. Really sad.

This Santa Claus who definitely eats children

via: Reddit

I mean, look at him. He totally devours little kids. The next one, though, is equally as scary...for different reasons...

This demon in the t-shirts

via: Reddit

Fun fact: If you look into the eyes of a t-shirt demon, you have seven days to live unless you then put all the t-shirts on at once and dance around yelling about how you're wearing eight t-shirts.

This cat scratch mustache

via: Reddit

I know this is supposed to be funny and I know they did it as a joke, but this is really just making me uncomfortable.

This horrid combination

via: Reddit

Whatever you're imagining it tastes like, that's what it probably tastes like. Moving on quickly so I don't gag.

This mystery wheel

via: Reddit

Here's the thing: You can't just remove a booted wheel from a four-wheeled vehicle and then drive off?! Unless there's a spare involved. Whatever happened, this is a ballsy move.

This ill-informed tattoo

via: Reddit

Yeah...like half of those heroes aren't from the Marvel universe. Who wants to tell the guy who definitely just spent hours getting this done? The next one is just plain funny...

This Disney joke

via: Reddit

Get it?! Because they'reĀ Frozen!

This Mr. Potato Head god

via: Reddit

Yes, that is a person kneeling at the altar of a giant Mr. Potato Head that is seemingly in a park somewhere. Don't ask; I have no answers.

These trucks taking naps

How did the trucks get like that? Are they napping or is this some sort of truck graveyard?

This unseemly picture

via: Imgur

Oh, hello. Nice to meet you. Yeah... I'm not going to shake that.

This posing monkey

Why is this monkey so photogenic? I haven't taken a picture that good in years. Share this with someone who deserves a laugh!