Eyeshadow Shields Help You Get Sharper Lines in Less Time Without Smudging

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You’ve nailed your base, your foundation looks flawless and your cheekbones are contoured up to high heaven, but then you go to pat on your first layer of eyeshadow and fallout scatters all over your perfectly baked face. It’s a nightmare, and we’ve all been there, but with Amazon’s Eyeshadow Shields, you’ll never have to worry about fallout again.

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Amazon’s pack of 200 eyeshadow shields will help you get sharper lines without the fuss.

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They’ll also protect your foundation from eyeshadow fallout, saving yourself precious time when you’re finishing off your makeup.

Gone are the days of furiously re-touching your concealer and powder, just for it to look 10 times worse.

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To use these shields, make sure you’re skin is clean and dry, then press the self-adhesive eyeshadow shields under the eye area and you’re ready to go.

They’re also a great tool for creating the perfect winged eyeliner

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So you’ll never have to worry about uneven cat eyes ever again.

The eyeshadow shields are made out of soft fabric, that is non-toxic, odorless, and won’t cause irritation, so they’re perfect for sensitive skin.

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One satisfied shopper wrote: “They protect against fallout and provide a crisp edge for eye makeup if you want to use them for it. The adhesive is VERY strong.”

It’s easy to see why over 1,000 customers have given the shields 5-stars.

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Get yours here.