Restaurant Goes Viral for 'Face Diapers Not Required' Policy | 22 Words

A Flordia restaurant has gained viral attention for its somewhat questionable stance on face masks.

Here's the full story...

Now, wearing a face mask has been a point of debate for almost a year now.

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As the pandemic rages on, there is still a point of discussion as to whether these masks are necessary or not.

Opinions on the matter are well and truly divided...

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Those in full support of wearing face masks have been arguing that the rule should have been enforced sooner than it was, while others are set on the belief that masks "control us" or are simply ineffective at protecting us from the virus.

But sadly, as the months have slowly trickled by...

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More and more people have been joining the anti-mask movement, believing wearing a mask during the global pandemic is "against their human rights."

Studies have shown there could be genuine psychological reasons as to why some people refuse to wear a face covering.


"When faced with uncertain situations over which we have no control, we tend to exercise it wherever we can, so we feel safe," one expert said, according to HuffPost. "Some will feel safer exercising their control over not wearing a mask, while others will feel safer exercising their control to wear one."

However, other experts blame mixed messages from those in power.

"The mixed messages we’ve all received are probably the main culprit for non-mask wearing. Inconsistent recommendations, along with historic polarization of political parties, magnify a common mistrust of government mandates."

Anti-maskers are on the rise...


And, clearly, they're oblivious to the harm they are inflicting upon those more vulnerable to the virus.

But what about when these anti-maskers run successful establishments?

Well, the issue then becomes even more dire.

As stated earlier, a Florida restaurant is facing some heat - and admittedly a little praise - for their controversial stance on the matter.


Beckyjack's Food Shack, in Spring Hill, Hernando County, posted a photo to Facebook on Sunday, February 14th, of a sign taped to its window.

"Howdy Folks! Happy Valentine's Day. A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require Face Masks. We're open from 12 -8 today," their caption read.


But the sign itself was the thing to really divide opinions.

On one hand, many were outraged by their home-made poster...


But on the other, many applauded the restaurant for its "non-conforming" attitude towards the use of face masks.


This is the sign they displayed in their window.


The restaurant's owner, Jesse Fox, told WFLA that he simply wanted to inform his customers and staff of the eatery's policy.

"We did a post just trying to be proactive letting everybody know what the mask requirement is or isn't at Beckyjack's because some people were coming in... Surprised that we weren't wearing masks," he explained. "We're getting a ton of feedback both positive and negative."

The post has since racked up over four-thousand shares and reactions.


Though there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?