Facebook has seemingly reached a whole new level of pettiness this week after they removed Apple's blue tick amid their bitter feud.

Here's the full story...

Have you been confiscating blue ticks, Mark?

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Now, this scandal comes amid a fierce battle between Facebook and Apple - last week, Facebook took out 2 separate ads accusing Apple of killing small businesses and trying to bring about the death of the free and open internet with its up-and-coming iOS 14 changes.

Of course, Apple has profusely denied all of this...

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And has continued going about its business, moving forward with the update that will bring new privacy tools to iPhone users and prevent apps from being able to track user activity across the internet.

But why is Facebook so angry about these updates?

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Well, the update puts users in control of whether they actually want personalized ads generated as the result of an app quietly following them around the web and taking note of everything they view and interact with.

And there aren't many users who are likely to give Facebook the go-ahead to continue spying on them, are there?

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Let's not forget that Facebook survives on targeted advertising - last year alone, about 98.5 percent of Facebook's global revenue came from its advertising business.

Of course, this has ruffled plenty of feathers over at Facebook HQ...

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So the social media giants then decided to paint themselves as the saviors of "small businesses and the free internet."

In a full-page ad printed in newspapers last week, Facebook stated:

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"We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere. While limiting how personalized ads can be used does impact larger companies like us, these changes will be devastating to small businesses, adding to the many challenges they face right now."

The company also took out a second ad that accuses Apple of limiting the earning ability of small creators and publications...

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As well as accusing them of forcing those creators to "start charging for subscription fees or adding more in-app purchases."

As for Apple's response?

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Well, for the most part, they've sat back, relaxed, and allowed Facebook to have their tantrum.

Their CEO, Tim Cook, briefly addressed the controversy in a tweet, stating:

“Facebook can continue to track users across apps and websites as before, App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 will just require that they ask for your permission first."

But now, Facebook has responded...

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In possibly the pettiest way possible, might I add.

Now, as you will know, certain Facebook pages have a "blue tick."

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This is to show that the site has verified a page or person of public interest - think celebrities or big brand names.

Many see a certain level of prestige behind the small blue tick...

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You know you've made it when you're verified on Facebook.

Anyway, it recently came to light that Apple's official Facebook page was missing something...

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Their own verification tick.

Yep, amid their feud, Facebook had seemingly taken away Apple's prestigious verification.

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Media consultant, Matt Navarra was the one to point out the missing feature on Apple's Facebook page.

Navarra tweeted this:

"Facebook has removed Apple’s blue tick Page verification," alongside a screenshot of Apple's official Facebook page.

Navarra then added:

"Although, I have a feeling Apple’s Page on Facebook has not had its verification badge for a while now. (Just recalled noticing this a few months ago)."

He then pointed out all the other tech giants who have their Facebook pages verified...

Such as Samsung, Android, and Google.

Of course, people have found the whole thing to be very amusing...

With one user writing: "This is the level of petty I aspire to."

However, Navarra quickly updated the thread with an official Facebook response.

He Tweeted this: "Facebook’s official response: Apple’s FB page was *never* verified. Other related FB Pages belonging to Apple are verified incl Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV. Reason why Apple’s FB Page is not verified - 'The admins of a page need to initiate the verification process.'"

Facebook has yet to issue a formal statement on the matter.

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