Adele appeared to break her silence over the whole "cultural appropriation" backlash after she posted a photo of herself wearing a Jamaican flag bikini. Although her 'response' seems to be a fake photoshopped joke, it certainly has the internet in stitches.

Adele isn't usually one for being on the receiving end of backlash.

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But this week, that all changed.

It all started when Adele posted a rare Instagram snap of herself at a carnival...

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And after being slammed with a lot of criticism and accusations of cultural appropriation, the singer has now finally spoken out.

If you've been living under a rock, then you might not know who Adele is...

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A British born and bred singer with the ability to stun audiences with her powerful voice, Adele brought back a classic ballad vibe to the music industry.

The first of her hits to enter the Billboard Hot 100 was "Chasing Pavements."

While the song was tucked away among other more pop-infused beats, it managed to rank pretty well, climbing its way to slot twenty-one as the lead single from her debut album.

Then followed her debut album, 19.

19, along with her second follow-up album 21 earned her immense critical praise and the success of both the albums cemented her in the industry.

And things only went up from there...

After taking a break to focus on her personal life in 2012, Adele returned back to the scene with her sensational hit "Hello."

And that became the song of the year in 2015.

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Shortly after, she released her next album, 25, which featured iconic songs such as "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)." If you haven't listened to that album, please do yourself a favor and add it to your playlist. You will not be disappointed.

Now, the singer has sold millions of songs worldwide...

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Her list of achievements is outstanding, to say the least. Adele has fifteen Grammys as well as an Oscar tucked nicely under her belt and the list is expected to grow as rumors of her next album have sparked fans.

But her successes aren't the only things that fans are talking about...

Over the last year, Adele has famously embarked on a body-transformation journey.

It all started when the singer was spotted at Drake's birthday bash last October...

And people could hardly recognize her!

She is typically known for her stripped back, casual style of dressing...

But she completely switched it up for her friend's special occasion. Adele decided to ditch the plain tees and jeans for a sleek, new black number that really showed off how far she has come in terms of her weightloss.

Adele has always been gorgeous, but she often spoke out about how she wasn't happy with her body.

And that's fine. Everyone's allowed to have their personal goals about what they want to look like. It doesn't take anything away from her amazing talent as a singer.

Adele is also known for being quiet on Instagram...

And during her weight-loss journey, she hasn't really been very active on her social media... leaving us fans dying to see how she's doing!

However, last Christmas she posted this...

Embracing the festive spirit, Adele posted a very Christmassy snap on Instagram standing with The Grinch and Father Christmas, and people could not get over her new image.

She looked incredible.

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It was captioned, "We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew," in a reference to The Grinch. "Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids, Grinch. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone."

It's safe to say...

That Adele is looking better than ever.

But not only does Adele look amazing...

She looks happy. And if she's happy, we're happy.

And when she posted this unrecognizable photo for her birthday in May...

She literally broke the internet.

The singer has clearly put in a lot of hard work to achieve her goals...

And fans are loving her rare, but magical, updates on social media.

However, it seems that Adele angered a lot of people this week with her most recent Instagram post.

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The singer is usually very unproblematic, but it seems that over the weekend, she managed to really rile up fans. She wished her fans a happy (what would be) Notting Hill Carnival. The popular London event took place online this year amid the pandemic, but it didn't stop Adele getting all dressed up for the occasion.

But fans didn't like what they saw when she took to Instagram...

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And the angry comments well and truly came flooding in.

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Here's the picture in question...

"Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London 🇬🇧🇯🇲", she captioned the picture.

And now, a user posing as Adele seemed to break the star's silence on the topic.

A comment appeared on an Instagram Live that was being held last night by singers, Brandy and Monica for the Versuz broadcast. The latest in the series, which was initially created as a virtual DJ battle by heavyweight producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, saw more than 1million people tune in.

A comment, appearing to be from Adele's account was left on their live stream.

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It read, "Wah Gwaan! Yow gyal, yuh look good enuh," which is a common Jamaican greeting. Although this seems to be a photoshopped picture, and not actually Adele's response to the live stream, it certainly had the internet in stitches.

However, amidst this, many have noted that Adele was born and raised in Tottenham, which is an area strongly influenced by Jamaican culture.

Many have defended the singer for her attire at the carnival and believe there's nothing wrong with Adele embracing the culture she was brought up around.

And the witty little comment actually went down a treat with fans!

People thought the supposed 'response' was hilarious, and a very funny joke all round.

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