Families’ Christmas Dinners ‘Ruined’ by Rancid Moldy Turkeys

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Many families have blasted grocery stores after their Christmas dinners were “ruined” by rancid moldy turkeys.

And many were so bad they were inedible.

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Scroll on to take a look for yourself…

Christmas dinner is a highly anticipated meal for many families.

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But, it can also be a very stressful meal for those preparing it.

Cooking Christmas dinner takes a lot of preparation.

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And dedication… because trust us, unless your a Michelin star chef, preparing a festive feast can get stressful.

There’s a lot to remember…

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Most importantly, the turkey.

If the turkey goes wrong, the whole Christmas dinner could be a disaster.

As some families have this year found out when they unwrapped their turkeys and discovered a nasty surprise…

Several grocery stores in the UK have been slammed after customers unwrapped their turkeys on Christmas Day and discovered that they were “rancid.”

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The turkeys were described as “rancid,” “green,” “slimy,” and “rotten.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s, one of the grocery stores criticized, said they were looking into “a handful of cases,” The Sun reports.

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“We are looking into a handful of cases where customers have reported their turkey does not meet our high quality standards,” they said.

While Aldi, another store criticized, apologized for not meeting their “usual high standards,” the outlet reports.

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“If customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return items to their local store with proof of purchase for a full refund.”

A third store, Tesco, responded to customers on Twitter apologizing and asking for further details.

Have you experienced your Christmas dinner being ruined?