Parents were left in total shock over the "green water" and "disgusting" changing rooms at a waterpark in the UK.

Customers at Waterworld in the city of Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, complained after the water appeared green throughout the day, and the waterpark became overcrowded as more and more families piled into the already packed resort.

One review said: "After lockdown happened I thought the whole place would have been cleaned but went today it was so busy and the water was green."

Stoke-on-Trent Live reports that other visitors also commented on the "weird green water."

Swimmers were also annoyed by the fifteen-minute wait for locker rooms as the waterpark ran out of space due to crowds, and many were outraged that they were forced to wait in line for the rides.


But Waterworld owner Mo Chaudry hit back at complaints, saying: "The Waterworld resort is looking the best it has ever looked."

He added: "To suggest that our venue is overcrowded, unsafe, or unhygienic is quite simply inaccurate and irresponsible.

"The facts tell a far different story.

"We have also extended daily opening times by two hours to 7pm to help distribute customers more evenly – at significant cost to ourselves – simply because we want people to have a great time.

"We have a substantial number of lifeguards and pool attendants on duty to ensure pool safety.

"Nearly all customers now book online, and the introduction of half-hour time slots mean waiting times are dramatically reduced. We also have robust procedures in place to manage their three-hour time limit on site.

"Our pool water is stringently and regularly subjected to microbiological tests, where zero health and safety risks have been revealed.

"As for customers commenting on the green tinge - we sell ourselves as a tropical environment, and believe green is good!

"Much of our water comes directly from a highly eco-friendly borehole on our own site."

Chaudry noted that a twelve million pound investment (over sixteen million dollars) was funnelled into the waterpark, making way for 4 new rides, 1,000 digital lockers, and an upgraded poolside. He also mentioned that more showers and toilets had been installed for customers too.

He added: "It is time for online review platforms to take far greater responsibility for fact-checking the comments they allow to be posted and shared and to weed out non-genuine reviews and trolls.

"We're not perfect, but it's important to put this small number of comments into perspective – since reopening in May we will have welcomed more than 150,000 very happy customers by the end of the summer holidays.

"And we do listen to their view – that's why Waterworld has grown into one of the UK's leading indoor tropical water parks."