Family Celebrates 5-Year-Old Girl Who Died of Childhood Alzheimer’s

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A family has celebrated the life of their 5-year-old daughter who died of childhood Alzheimers, and it’s heart-melting.


Childhood Alzheimers isn’t a medical condition. It is a term used to describe the symptoms presented in children that give signs to very early dementia.

Its Niemann-Pick disease type C and mucopolysaccharidosis type 3 that causes symptoms that are similar to Alzheimer’s, according to Medical News Today.

Those conditions combined result in people developing Sanfilippo syndrome, which, is what Mary Mitchell Stewart was diagnosed with when she was just 2 years old. Her diagnosis occurred after her mom, Sarah Stewart, became a little concerned as to why her daughter still hadn’t said her 1st word yet.


But, the 2-year-old received a gene-therapy that was available, enabling her to start developing a lot quicker than she had been doing.

The company, Lysogene, who is responsible for the gene therapy, had only given it to 1 other child prior to giving it to Mary.

And Sarah admitted that it was working for a while: “We thought the gene therapy was doing its job and she continued to progress and was saying all kinds of new words, new phrases,” she opened up to Today.


But, in October of 2019, Mary stopped talking.

“The number of words that I was adding started to slow down and there were no new words and then she started to plateau,” she continued.

And so, the family did what they knew they had to do.

Begin to grieve.

“We started the grieving process and accepting the fact that the progression of the disease was inevitable,” Sarah said.


In October of 2020, Mary Mitchell Stewart passed away, with her momma sharing a heart-melting message to their Instagram page.

“The Lord has been so merciful to heal Mary Mitchell and take her home quickly! No more crying. No more dying. They are gone FOREVER! My amazing, brave, & warrior girl has seen all the sad things come untrue!” she wrote.

“Mary Mitchell is with Jesus! She is free of the brokenness of her body & all the hurt, pain, and ugliness of this broken world. She is running wild and free with feet, legs, mind, and whole body that are complete & perfectly whole! Praise Jesus!”

“We are so sad to no longer have our girl physically here with us. BUT GOD! Hope for Shug is no longer needed! It‘s been accomplished. She is eternally in this presence of Hope & his name is JESUS! Her race has finished. She fought the good fight, and now she will finally be able to rest in Glory with her Father forever and ever!”


Although the pain they’re feeling now, will never fully heal, it’s safe to say Mary left an unimaginable imprint on the hearts of her family.

For that, they would not change a thing.

“There’s just a countless number of people who have been affected by her story. It gives us so much hope and encouragement and knowing that Mary Mitchell’s life, her short little life, her painful and broken little life, that there was purpose in it,” Sarah said to the news outlet.

But, they continue to miss her every day.

Our prayers are with the Stewarts.

Rest in peace little Mary Mitchell Stewart.