Horrifying news of a family of 3 being found dead in their swimming pool has left a New Jersey community in mourning this week.

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A horrific tragedy has left New Jersey in mourning.

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On Monday, June 22, 3 people were found dead in a swimming pool at a family home in East Brunswick.

Police arrived on the scene just after 4 pm...

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Officers responded to a call from concerned neighbors and, after arriving at the property, found all 3 of the victims unresponsive in the pool, NBC reports. 

Neighbors had reportedly heard screaming coming from the home.

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Urging them to call for help, suspecting a fall incident.

On Tuesday, the county prosecutor and police chief identified the victims.

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Heartbreakingly, an 8-year-old girl, her thirty-two-year-old mother, and the child’s sixty-two-year-old grandfather all died as a result of the incident.

The 2 adults were later named by officials.

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They identified the man as Bharat Patel and his daughter-in-law Nisha Patel. The child was not named.

But what makes this all the more heartbreaking is the manner in which they died.

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Neighbors say that the family had just moved into the home and were excited about their new swimming pool, which they had recently had serviced.

At first, authorities thought there might have been an electrical issue linked to the deaths.

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Electrical issues in pools causing death is extremely rare, but it's not unheard of.

But a medical examiner was able to dismiss that theory.

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And concluded that the victims had died of "accidental drowning."

According to NBC, sources shed more light on what happened that day.

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As per NBC New York, sources say that the young girl stepped into a six- or seven-foot deep section of the above-ground pool.

An aunt who was watching her then called for help...

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This is what police believe may have been what the neighbors reported hearing - prompting them to call the authorities.

The grandfather then allegedly jumped in to help...

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But got into trouble as he didn't know how to swim, the source explained.

The aunt continued to call for help.

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The girl's mother then reportedly jumped in to try and save both her daughter and the man.

But she also didn't know how to swim...

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And quickly began to struggle in the water.

The child’s aunt allegedly managed to pull the young girl from the water...

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But tragically, it was too late.

The police department released a statement earlier this week.

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"This is a devastating day for our entire community," Brunswick Police Chief Frank Losacco said.

He continued:

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"We are working with the Middlesex County Prosecutors office and will release information as it develops."

After the tragic news broke...

People were completely horrified.

But many people felt that the incident just didn't make sense. 

"This situation seems a little suspicious no?" questioned one user. 

People quickly began speculating.

"How is this even possible?" wrote one user.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Stay posted for more updates on the case.