A family enjoying an evening barbecue had their get-together gatecrashed by some unexpected, yet very hungry visitors...

Australia - the land of sunny beaches, Steve Irwin, and formidable animals.

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Yep, you guessed it - this incident happened in the land down under.

Because, despite Australia's sunshine and irresistible vacation appeal...

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The far-away country plays home to a whole array of terrifying creatures.

There are the spiders.

Black widows, huntsman, golden orbs... each and every arachnid in Australia is either huge or highly venomous, and we are not here for it.

And there are the crocodiles...

Particularly in the country's Northern Territory, salt-water crocodiles are known to roam the outback - and sometimes the streets - freely. It's a no from me.

There are sharks, too.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef hosts over a hundred different types of reef shark... And, if you move down to the South coast, you may even be lucky - or unlucky - enough to experience an encounter with a great white shark.

And did we mention their tantalizing variety of snakes?

Australia is simply teeming with the slithery reptiles, some of which even end up in people's homes.

Even their koalas can be on the vicious side.

Despite how cute and cuddly their national animal appears, wild koalas have been known to display aggressive and territorial behaviors.

And, last but not least...

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Australians can sometimes experience issues with their crustaceans.

Now, when most of us think of a crab...

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We picture something along the lines of a scuttling little hermit crab, right?

Well, this is Australia...

So, of course, their crabs are a little more on the formidable side.


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The coconut crab. These monstrous crustaceans are native to islands across the Indian Ocean, parts of the Pacific Ocean and, you guessed it, mainland Australia.

And, as you may have also guessed, they are notoriously dangerous.

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Up to eighteen inches long and 9 pounds in weight, coconut crabs have been known to rip open coconuts with their claws (hence the namesake), hunt and capture kittens, and devour large birds of prey.

Their claws are perhaps some of the most powerful weapons in the whole animal kingdom.

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According to a recent study, the coconut crab pincer generates up to an estimated 740 pound-force - around 4 to 5 times stronger than the force the human jaw can produce. Luckily, the creatures are mostly harmless and are known for simply stealing food.

But still, if you were ever to encounter one of these menacing creatures...

You'd be sure to run in the opposite direction, right?

Well, one Australian family had a somewhat more laid-back approach to their experience with a whole heard of coconut crabs.

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Amy Luetich and her family, who live on one of the secluded Christmas Islands, just off the coast of Western Australia, were enjoying a family barbecue when they were interrupted by some unexpected visitors.

Before they knew it...

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Their little get-together was swarming with around fifty coconut crabs.

It really is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

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Amy told the Daily Mail Australia that, when they arrived to the camping spot, there were twenty of the crustaceans under a tree, which had started to seed.

"But as soon as we started cooking, they swarmed around us. My son counted fifty-two of them," she explained.

Despite the critters, the family continued with their barbecue...

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And Amy's son, Jacob, was given the job of keeping them away from the food. "His job was to pick them up and move them away from where we were eating. He was loving it."

However, the crabs became somewhat mischievous...

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And started to climb onto the tables, chairs, and barbecue itself. Amy explained: "Then they started to climb up to the table, and another climbed onto the barbecue. We kept our tents away from where we had eaten, but one of the families said the whole night they could feel one tapping on the outside of their tent."

The images were shared onto a Christmas Island tourism Facebook page...

Where they were quick to go viral.

"Robber crabs behaving badly! A couple of local Christmas Island families had a few extra mouths to feed at their BBQ over the weekend,' the caption read. "Coconut crabs have an incredible sense of smell and for slow moving creatures they sure move quickly when there's food around."

The post received over 600 comments...

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With some people loving the photos, while others weren't too impressed. "This is so lovely, it’s great to see people coexisting gently with curious wildlife!" one social media user wrote. However, another commented, "I'm never stepping foot on Christmas island, Easter island, any damn island if they have giant crabs running amock." For more on Australia's incredible wildlife, keep scrolling to see footage of a rare white humpback whale...