This Artist Re-Creates Famous Artists and Icons as Instagram Influencers | 22 Words

Art is a rich part of our world history. It's the constant background in an ever-changing political, economic, and technological landscape. The beauty of art is that it also changes and is different every single time.

Have you ever wandered through an art museum on a lazy Sunday afternoon, taking in the paintings and sculptures and exhibits around you? It's soothing and tells such a vital story of the world we live in.

It's easy to take art for granted, especially in the digital age. But social media has also allowed us to access art more easily than ever before. Brilliant artists now have Instagram accounts, and can share their work with the entire world - it's becoming accessible for so many people.

One such artist - based in Porto, Portugal - has a very interesting Instagram account. The artist - under the account - has reimagined famous icons as Instagram influencers, showing us what they would look like if they had Instagram accounts today.

Instagram Influencer

Have you ever wondered what Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" would look like as an Instagram influencer? Well, here you go!

Modern Frida Kahlo

This looks like Frida Khalo's indie album cover. Which we'd obviously all purchase.

Very cool

This work of Frida in the middle of a street is very cool. It's insane how real it looks!

Salvador Dalí

Here, Spanish artist Salvador Dalí is a "freelance photographer." This is definitely what he did in another life.


Vincent van Gogh lounging under his own "Starry Night" is fantastic. There's something so soothing about this picture.


Another potential Frida Kahlo album cover? Quite possibly! The next artwork is truly fascinating...

Close Up

This manipulation of Mona Lisa is gorgeous, and looks so real!

Influencer Couple

Van Gogh and Mona Lisa's engagement photos? Certainly looks like it.


Dalí has a very hipster look in this photograph. He gives every dude who lives in Brooklyn a run for their money.

Starring Frida Kahlo

If Frida Kahlo starred in HBO's Sharp Objects... The next one is a gorgeous piece of work!


Van Gogh and Kahlo in a field is a major vibe. I feel like I've seen this exact photo on an influencer's Instagram page before.

Another time...

Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo posing together. Reminder - these photos aren't real. Some of the comments on the picture thought this was a real photograph from history!

Traveling Girl

The subject from the piece "Girl With a Pearl Earring" hangs out in Porto, Portugal.

Gal Pals

This may be the most bizarre and strange mash-up. But it's so fascinating to behold!


An absolutely gorgeous photo! It looks like it's from a Vogue photoshoot.

American Gothic

This reimagining of the iconic Grant Wood piece is very interesting. There have been so many manipulations of the original! The next one looks like a still from a movie...

On the Run

The way she is looking over her shoulder in the car is absolutely captivating. A simple modern twist can create an entirely new story.

Venice Beach Boy

Van Gogh fits in strangely well as a skater beach dude. I can totally imagine him in Venice, California.

Another Influencer

Mona Lisa gives off serious influencer vibes here. Keep scrolling for more modern twists on classic art!

Another Engagement Photo

The save-the-dates for the wedding of Mona Lisa and van Gogh.


This modern retelling of Frida Kahlo captures her timeless beauty.


Why is Mona Lisa so good at Instagram? Who knew she'd make the perfect influencer!


Dalí is giving off a "cool older guy who works in a bike shop" vibe here. It's a mood, y'all.

Debut album

A Mona Lisa/album mash-up. A fascinating concept, indeed!

Another album cover

This Pablo Picasso album mash-up is the thing none of us ever knew we needed.

She strikes again!

Influencer Mona Lisa is back! Catch the Frida Kahlo self-portraits in the background.

Friends Forever

If Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa were besties, just out and about on the town.

Studying Abroad

Mona Lisa looks like a very intelligent college student here, studying abroad for the semester.

Travel Hipster

It's a little jarring how much Dalí embodies a free-spirited hipster. The next one is awesome...

Record Shopping

Who wants to go shopping for records with Mona Lisa? Share this with your friend who is an art history buff!