The LGBTQ+ community is bigger than ever around the world, and, in recent events, it turns out that the community isn't exclusive to the human race alone. The beauty of the animal kingdom is that it holds no judgment, and animals are free to do what they please by natural instinct.

Penguins have been leading the way, with the latest gay couple adopting another baby chick at the Sea Life Aquarium in Melbourne...

A "gay" penguin couple has decided to adopt another baby chick...

The news comes after the two dads had previously adopted one back in 2018.

And it's the most heartwarming story.

Supportive comments have flooded in after the couple went viral and it seems as though everyone is just so happy that they are expanding their family.

Now, we all know that penguins are the world's favorite arctic bird...

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The penguin is an iconic arctic and flightless bird. The most recognizable penguin is the Emperor, who resides in the south of Antarctica.

And they're definitely the romantic sort...

It's a well-known fact that penguins mate for life and remain dedicated to their partner, even despite the temptation of other desirable penguins.

Parenthood quickly approaches after mating.

After mating with their partners, female penguins lay a single egg, and the couple works together to keep the egg warm and incubated before hatching.

Once the chick has hatched safely, the parents, once again...

They take turns in feeding and looking after it until it is old enough to "flee the nest."

The parental instinct is always there...

Penguins, both male and female, have a natural maternal instinct and yearn to take care of and hatch an egg. Sadly, not all penguins succeed in this desire, mostly due to the harsh weather conditions that can cause serious harm to an egg. But what about penguins who are gay?

Homosexual penguins have been found in the wild.

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Studies have shown that wild emperor penguins have paired with a mate of the same sex. According to BBC Earth News, a study conducted on a colony of emperor penguins found 4 homosexually-bonded penguins raising eggs together - suggesting that the eggs were either abandoned or that the penguins formed homosexual bonds after the eggs were laid.

But what about penguins in captivity?

Many emperor penguins spend their lives in captivity, but this doesn't deny them the opportunity to meet a mate for life.

Meet Sphen and Magic, also known as Sphengic together.

The couple made global headlines back in 2018 after a trial run meant that they were eligible to adopt a real chick named Lara.

The aquarium decided to give them the big responsibility when they started displaying certain signs...

During mating season, the two would collect pebbles and take turns to do their duties with one doing the "feed", while the other guarded the nest area.

Since then, they have gone on to adopt another chick after their first successful parenting escapade.

The currently unnamed baby penguin, going by Baby Sphengic for now, was born last week, weighing just 91g.

In a press release, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Penguin Supervisor, Kerrie Dixon, said this:

“We are beyond excited to welcome the new penguin chicks to our colony. They are doing really well and gaining weight. They started at around 95grams, now our oldest is almost 2kg and the youngest is sitting at around 399grams."

And the best news is that Lara is now all grown up and starting her own family...

The aquarium said: “Lara is now two years old and surprising us every day with how independent she is."

And they're not the only 'gay' penguin couples to have done this...

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These are 2 male emperor penguins, Skipper and Ping, are being cared for in The Berlin Zoo.

Skipper and Ping make quite the couple...

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The 2 penguins, who are both ten-years-old, were also displaying signs of yearning for an egg. This nurturing behavior was noticed by staff and this prompted them to give the couple an egg that was abandoned by its real mother. It was reported that, before being given the egg, Skipper and Ping had been seen trying to hatch inanimate objects such as rocks in desperation to become parents.

The couple is the first same-sex penguins to adopt an egg in Berlin.

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"This is the first time we have tried to have a same-sex penguin couple incubate an egg," Zahmel, a worker, said. "Both are looking after the egg in an exemplary manner," he added.

And we can't forget about this iconic couple either, right?

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In London, at another SeaLife Aquarium, lesbian gentoo penguins, Marama and Rocky, successfully hatched an adopted egg after loyally staying together for 5 years.

The egg was donated to the couple after a single penguin mother was struggling with the pressures of nurturing 2 chicks...

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And Marama and Rocky certainly proved to be great parents.

Penguin moms of the year, that's for sure!

The 2 new moms built the biggest nest in the colony to perform shifts looking after their newly hatched chick, which gave each penguin the chance to swim and feed. The determination and dedication displayed by these unique penguins truly goes to show that love and parenthood doesn't have a specific gender.

Watch Magic and Sphen's journey here:

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