People in the U.K are sharing hacks to keep them cool as temperatures soar across the pond.

Now, here in America, we're used to heatwaves but over in the U.K, it's a completely different story. And a clip has been circulating on TikTok of an American woman calling brits out after finding an article about the hottest day of the year in England.

The video shows her reading the headline, which says: "U.K sees hottest day of 2021 as temperatures soar to 31.6°c." She adds a voiceover, saying: "I wonder how much that is in Fahrenheit."

It shows her heading to a website to convert the temperatures, and is shocked to find out it's only eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. "The British are p***ies," she states.

The clip was then stitched by an enraged Brit with the username Imeyrick, who tried to explain why British infrastructure makes current temperatures over there totally unbearable.

@imeyrick ##stitch with @rae_harmon leave us alone we're hot 🥵
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He says: "Point number 1, we don't have air conditioning, anywhere. Apart from, like, retail outlets. Some places will have it. But most homes do not have air conditioning. They're not built with air conditioning, the best we can have is portable stuff.

"Point number 2 is that our buildings are insulated to hell. Because we typically have mild summers and cold winters. So our buildings are designed to hold the heat to save energy costs.

"And point number 3 your body will adjust to the climate that you live in. We don't get that much hot weather, it lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks. Our bodies don't have time to adjust, therefore our bodies literally cannot handle the heat."

So as you can guess, the U.K is suffering from a huge heatwave, and many Brits are taking to social media to share a brilliant way of keeping cool...

All you need is to get inside a comforter with a fan blowing cold air into it.

The sheet then blows up, leaving it looking like a giant dome from the outside. Essentially it's a nice cold space that's ideal for those who don't have air-con.

Over on TikTok, people have been posting videos of themselves trying out the hack, and users have been sharing their results, with most completely amazed that it works...

One person wrote: "Omg that is genius I'm acc gonna try that now."

Tagging in a friend, another user added: "We should do this at the weekend if it's still hot."

A third person seemed pretty excited by the hack, writing: "Omg we are doing this!"

Of course, there are other life hacks to keep you cool, as another TikTok user has revealed how to turn a fan into your own personal aircon system.

In the video, he instructs viewers to grab "something cold like a frozen water bottle," and attach it behind a portable fan. This trick blows cold air right at you. We love it!

We're sending our thoughts out to those in the U.K struggling in the heat... because just imagine living without air conditioning in eighty degree weather?!