Fans Are Furious at Wendy Williams for Making Fun of Joaquin Phoenix’s Cleft Lip

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Wendy Williams is known for being outrageously outspoken and this has often landed her in hot water. But her most recent comment has caused a lot of anger, as it was about our beloved Joaquin Phoenix.

Keep scrolling to see exactly what she had to say…

Basically, this woman can do it all. She’s been in the business for a long time.

Williams has an incredibly charismatic personality, so it’s no surprise she found success on the radio.

When she was eventually hired by a Philadelphia radio station, her candidness on the air helped the station jump in its rankings.

And by 2008, she was syndicated in numerous markets, spanning across the United States, eventually making it into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

It was time for her to focus completely on what would become her iconic talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

The Wendy Williams Show has now been on the air for 11 years.

It first premiered in 2008 and has since become quite the daytime talk show, and if you’re familiar with the show at all, you’ll know that it has a legion of dedicated fans.

Not to mention that Williams is a hilarious host, so it’s no surprise that the show has been on the air for some time.

She appeared in the TV show Drop Dead Diva and in the movie Think Like a Man. 

She really can do it all.

Don’t believe it? Well, take a seat. Williams will prove you wrong.

Comes her many flaws.

Who remembers the time when she said that nobody feels sorry for Meghan Markle? Now that was savage.

In a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she was discussing the recent backlash against Beyonce for not standing up during Joaquin Phoenix’s Golden Globe win.

Purely for the reason that “nobody is Beyonce,” which isn’t the most valid of reasons.

But she then starts showering the actor with compliments in regards to his looks, talking about how good looking he is.

While gushing over his handsome and “striking” looks, Williams goes on to mention his cleft lip – all whilst mimicking it.

She poses with her finger pushing her lip up for a painful 10 seconds while the audience nervously laughs. Not cool, Wendy.

People are not happy.

Many have found William’s mockery to be offensive and disrespectful to people who have cleft lips.

A cleft lip is something not to be made fun of.

Many people on Twitter have been sharing their experiences with the disfigurement and they have outlined how many people with cleft lips grow up feeling insecure and self-conscious about their appearance.

And a young child recovering from painful surgery also isn’t something to make fun of.

And she is yet to respond and apologize to the backlash.

But keep scrolling to learn more about Joaquin Phoenix’s big win at the Golden Globes…