Fans Confused by Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Weird’ Nickname for Lisa Kudrow

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The Friends girls have hit headlines again this week.

Fans are shocked as a long-secret nickname has come to light.

Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow burst onto our screens as the female half of the Friends gang.

From romance and scandals to one very strange poking device and the ever-lasting question as to whether Ross and Rachel were on a break (they definitely were), the sitcom followed the friends as they navigated life living in New York.

We waved goodbye to the Friends gang in an emotional 2-part finale which saw the group leave Monica’s apartment for the very last time, leaving their keys on the counter.

It wasn’t all sadness, though.

Rachel finally admitted that she loved Ross, and Monica and Chandler adopted 2 babies, but it certainly marked the end of an era.

Shortly after the show wrapped up, the cast reunited for The Oprah Winfrey Show.

We got our first taste of a reunion just a day after the last ever Friends episode aired as the show’s cast joined Oprah on her show for a one-off interview.  

Although all of the cast developed a tight-knit friendship over the years, it seems that the female castmates grew extremely close during filming.

They would reportedly go for lunch every day together while filming the sitcom.  

Its no wonder that they’re so close, after all, the stars spent a significant amount of time together while filming the sitcom over the decade.

During NBC’s Must-See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows 3 years ago, Jennifer Aniston said that the cast “fell in love with each other” over the years.  

“We experienced friendship, family, heartbreak, babies, everything, together,” the actress revealed.

The entire cast doesn’t reunite that often, so fans have had to make do with “half” reunions.  

3 years ago, the entire cast (minus Mathew Perry) attended the All-Star Tribute to James Burrows event together and it was everything that we’ve ever wanted.

The pals have walked the red carpet together several times, but, away from the limelight, they are often spotted together, too.

When the Friends trio did this, fans couldn’t believe it…

While appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014, Aniston, Kudrow, and Cox, or should we say, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica stepped back into the apartment that they’d left behind a decade ago for a one-off skit.

Can you blame them?  

And with it, we knew we would get some adorable Friends-girl moments.

Because a secret nickname for the birthday girl has finally come out.

And, while it seemed innocent enough, fans were less than impressed with what they saw.

And referenced Kudrow as … Floosh. Yes, you read that right.

It’s … kind of cute, we guess?

Apparently Kudrow calls Aniston “Joo.”

We have to say, we’re obsessed with their friendship.

We love them.

And thanks to Jen for giving us all a gift this year.

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